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Re: Liberals- Thanks in Advance

I would like to thank all of my Liberal supporters for not making any demands on me in my run for pResident.
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Thanks to all of the dedicated Anybody But Bush supporters that have freed up my hand to forward my neo-Conservative/neo-Liberal agenda. The Bush campaign tried to paint me as a coward for my Vietman service, and it backfired spectacularly. My heroism paved the way towards wiping over 2 million stinking gooks off of the face of the planet. They thought that I did not have the wherewithall to kill women and children, but they were wrong. Not only that, but I helped burn their fucking villiages down too, so they couldn't come back.

Thank you in advance for sacrificing your sons and daughters to protect the security of Israel. I can't think of a more important and just cause for you to die for. I was worried that some of you would put pressure on me for my support of the illegal Iraq war, my support of the Patriot Act, Welfare Reform, NAFTA, and the WTO. I'll be damned if I'm going to let workers' rights and environmental protections get in the way of American progress and growth.

George Bush thinks he is hot shit for killing 100,000 civilians in Iraq, mostly women and children. What a joke. If I could have stayed in Nam a little while longer, I could have killed half that many myself, and I would have raped and tortured the other half.

But the fight is not over. With your help, I will pave the way for mass-graves that would make Bush and Hussein blush with envy. I will strengthen the PATRIOT ACT to ensure your safety, and I will invest in our military so that NOONE can threaten Israel ever again. Will this lead to the expansion of our 7 trillion dollar debt and put our economy on the brink of collapse? Well, sure it will. But after all, we are living in the 'End Times', so our financial position won't matter much when the Rapture arrives and Israel is elevated to its rightful position at the hand of God.

Who will I be voting for? Well, George W. Bush of course. I have voted to support nearly every policy that he has put forth so far, and I don't see any reason to change course now. But please, I am begging you to vote for me...or Bush. We must not let our Empire falter before we achieve our final glory!
thank you for your report, special agent 29.Oct.2004 12:04


well, maybe you aren't a special agent, maybe you're just a republican.

Wow, congratulations - that's really offensive! 29.Oct.2004 12:14

Not Thin-skinned

Not that I agree with everything Kerry stands for, but the above portrayal is beyond narrow-minded to being completely offensive. Nauseating - the author should be quite proud.

Will I vote for Kerry? Hell yeah, because Bush is a nightmare. Kerry is more than slightly better, he's a far sight better. He may not be perfect, but when you're talking about actually winning a national election, a perfect candidate in Liberal Portland will not win states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, where the race may be decided.

Want to work for change? Start a grassroots campaign to get progressives into local offices, so that over time, the state, and perhaps the nation, can change for the better. It make a lot more sense than lodging protest votes that ultimately put an evil, evil man in the White House (and I mean Bush, not the ridiculous cartoon satire of Kerry the author created).

And Maybe You Are An Asshole 29.Oct.2004 12:20

John Kerry

Or maybe just an empire-loving Democtratic apologist. Either way, please vote for me...or Bush, so that we can hunt down and kill anyone that we choose to label a TERRORIST, as well as any women and children that try to stop us or get in our way!

simple request for "Not Thin-skinned" - 29.Oct.2004 19:17


would you please care to provide us with specific references and hard numerical / empirical evidence of,

exactly how "lodging protest votes that ultimately put an evil, evil man in the White House"


wow unfreakin believable 30.Oct.2004 03:40

windsurfing clean water loving person

man, talk about hate propaganda, what happened to the social change for the good that this website was known for? John kerry has championed the environment, womens rights, veterans rights, minorities rights!!! where does this spouting off from the posterior filth come from???? Are swift boats veterans agianst kerry promoting this site now???? Please do your homework folks and find out what kerry is all about, don't buy the line that he's like a republican, all you college students...do the research yourself dont believe the BS being served up. I thought we want to change the world for the better...violence begets violence and lewd mean spirited LIES about kerry in this piece do not make for change, just more violence, hate, and all the injustice we want to get away from

Homework On Kerry 30.Oct.2004 15:17


For Kerry, It's Not Easy Pretending to be Green
by Joshua Frank
October 22, 2004

Despite John Kerry's cozy relationship with big green organizations like the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters, the Senator should not be mistaken as a friend of the environment.

For example, Kerry, who voted against the Kyoto Protocol, told Grist Magazine in an interview last year: "[The Kyoto agreement] doesn't ask enough of developing nations, the nations that are going to be producing much greater emissions and which we need to get on the right course now through technology transfer." Perhaps someone should clue Senator Kerry into the awful truth—that although the US accounts for only 4% of the world's population, we still emit over a quarter of the globe's CO2. Shouldn't we, then, be setting an example?

In 2003, Kerry decided not to cast a vote against a portion of Bush's chainsaw-happy Forest Plan (HR 1904), which authorized $760 million to thin-out dense national forests under the pretext of increasing ecosystem health. The version of Bush's plan that passed the House and Senate was actually rewritten by two veteran Democratic Senators—Diane Feinstein of California and Ron Wyden of Oregon, who just happens to be the top timber industry cash recipient eight years running. Kerry, however, has promised he will treat our environment much like Clinton did during those glorious 1990s. Unfortunately, that's not saying a whole hell of a lot.

As Ralph Nader supporters correctly observed in 1996, the Clinton/Gore administration was hardly the beacon of environmental action it claimed to be: First there was the WTI hazardous waste incinerator located outside East Liverpool, Ohio, which Al Gore had repeatedly promised to shut down. Within weeks of taking office, operating permits were issued. This was followed by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's destructive deal with the sugar barons of South Florida, which doomed vast acreages of the Everglades. Then the administration capitulated to the demands of Western Democrats and yanked from its initial budget proposals a call to reform grazing, mining, and timber practices on federal lands. When Clinton convened a timber summit in Portland, Oregon, in April 1994, the conference was, as expected, dominated by logging interests. Predictably, the summit gave way to plan to restart clear-cutting in the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest for the first time in three years, giving the timber industry its wish.

In July 1995, the administration dealt its heaviest blow to the U.S. environment by signing the so-called Salvage Logging Rider, known to radical enviros as the "Logging without Laws Rider." This gruesome bill suspended the application of all environmental laws governing federal forests. And on the eve of the 1996 Democratic convention, President Clinton gave the food and chemical industries a victory they had sought for long over 40 years when he signed a bill striking down the Delaney clause, a law that prohibited the addition of carcinogens to processed foods, the result of which could cause cancer in millions of people in the decades to come. But Kerry still wants to resurrect Clinton.

This -- combined with Kerry's support for Fast Track legislation, NAFTA, WTO, bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan, along with his refusal to oppose hilltop strip mining (mountain top removal), his intervention with National Marine Fisheries Service when they attempted to restrict Cob fishing off the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and chemical fumigation in Colombia to counter coca and opium production -- provides us with a clear indication that not only is Kerry not an environmentalist, he's also not that good at pretending to be one. Reverting back to the Clinton era, as Kerry promises to do, provides no remedies for the enviro problems that ail us.

Well, at least Kerry isn't marinated in crude oil like Bush, you say? Not so fast there. Kerry recently told Teamster's president Jimmy Hoffa that while he opposes drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, he has no qualms with drilling "everywhere else like never before." Where is this "everywhere?" How about the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, the Red Rocks in Utah, the Rocky Mountain flats, the coasts of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, just to name a few? Kerry, it seems, has no alternative energy plan whatsoever; he simply wants to drill for more oil. Call Bush Kerry's mentor.

More recently Senator Kerry took an afternoon off the campaign trail to spend it with the American Gas Association. At the gathering, Kerry pledged his support for a Trans-Alaska-Canada Natural Gas Pipeline. This devastating conduit would cut across some of the most pristine wilderness and taiga in the world, and by far the most untouched landscape in North America. While the Trans-Alaska Pipeline is a modest creation next to Kerry's grand vision, the Senator still receives fabulous ratings from the big environmental groups.

This is not to say that Bush hasn't devastated the environment. But the belief that John Kerry is an environmental crusader is a pure fabrication, put forth by Beltway Greens to convince voters that Kerry and Bush stand in stark contrast to one another when it comes to cleaning up and protecting our environment. Instead, they should be telling voters and environmentalists that our struggles for environmental justices must continue -- regardless of who wins November's electoral contest.

"windsurfing clean water loving person" 30.Oct.2004 16:28

is going

to be in for a freakin unbelievable SURPRISE when Kerry/Edwards enter the Whitey House on January 20th . . .