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Only Fake People Wear Real Fur!

fur is bad
To Chris Hunt, Fashion Editor InStyle, The Oregonian,

I do realize that ulitimately if there is anyone to "blame" for another resurgence of the popularity of fur, it is the designers. In their fickleness that decides arbitrarily: "Let's do fur this year."

It's not about real trends or real people but about greed and profit. And those who report on it are simply fueling the public's desire to follow trends and not think about the death behind those trends..

Throughout history, species have been driven to extinction by greed and fashion. People today don't realize that our songbird population was almost entirely wiped out because of the "trend" to wear whole birds on hats. The beaver population only recovered because the "fashion" of wearing beaver hats was replaced by silk top hats.

Ms. Hunt may only being reporting on the trends and therefore cannot take a "stand" but she has taken a stand by not taking a stand.

There is a big difference between her brother in law treating his pigs humanely and those who raise fur animals. Fur is barbaric, it's not food. It's a frivolous fashion accessory that says a lot about the sensitivity and compassion of the person who wears it.

Only Fake people wear real fur!

Susan Stelljes
635 NE Buffalo
Portland, OR 97211
503 224-2595
fur is it good or is it bad 06.Jan.2005 20:42

stop none

fur is bad .you would not to died for someone to use you as fashion.
To be used as a coat. To be wearn on someone back. Think about it how
would feel.To be put on this earth to become a coat or a rag.so that is
all I'v have to say.Think about it is fur good or bad