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Are you ready for a Civil War?

Are you ready for a civil war, if te repuglicans steal this election like thery did in 2000? From what I am reading from the net, they (the repuglican nazi party) are at it again!
Are you ready to pick up arms against this "illegal government" if the repuglican nazi party gets away with yet another theft of the Presidency. Remember what the theif in the oval officed stated after 9/11, it would be easier if "he was a dictator instead of being the pResident" to run our country.
No, actually, I'd rather watch it on TV 29.Oct.2004 09:52

Typical American redneck imbecile

I think we should send the spics to fight against the insurgents in a civil war and we can contribute (tax deductible) to fight anyone who wants to alter our goverment's right to disenfranchise niggers and other weirdos. I think we should also pack up all the protesting types and ship them off to concentration camps preferably next to nuclear waste dump sites. But I don't think we have to worry much about any of this because the American liberals and radicals are the world's biggest pussies - they'll talk your ear off but if you slap them they'll back off an go and hunker down and then go to their corner shrink for two years. If we just shoot a couple of them right after the election, we won't have any more problems with them for the rest of the term of our George and he can then make laws for putting the rest of them in jail. Im just really sick and tired of all this complaining and badmouthing our president, I mean who do they think they are?? God has spoken to our leader of the free world and they have no respect for that!! Can you believe the gall?

( a sermon to the choir ) 29.Oct.2004 10:07

pissed off

how can you re-elect someone who was never even elected in the first place? these guys arent even truly republicans, they're fanatic radicals. a vote for bush is a vote against america and everything america stands for.

Answer 29.Oct.2004 10:37

Jim Jeffries


war war war 29.Oct.2004 10:51

john doe dadsnot@yahoo.co.uk

civil war wouldnt even be david vs goliath

the only option is terrorism some ppl could get this desperate considering a war in iran and no jobs

Speak now or FOREVER hold your peace. 29.Oct.2004 11:07


If it gets to that, we are done. It will be a repeat of nixon, pardons, martial law, and back to status quo.

Kerry will say nothing and Lieberman will SCREAM: Patriot Act II

THE CLARION CALL! 29.Oct.2004 11:37


YOU BET!...If corporate christians manipulate the military/induxtrial complex into actual EMPIRE.you bet I will take up arms! Did you see MOSH?.....WHAT if those votes that Emimem urges us to do are thrown away? You think all them hooded prolitariants are gonna just march backwards? If everyone isn't out in the streets on the 3rd as "observers" to insure (enforce) democracy then you might as well start packing for the CAMPS right now!

Social Justice Is Civil War 29.Oct.2004 11:41


I agree it is time(or soon time) to take up arms against this fucked up system. Unfortunately, revolution often brings civil war but if this is what it must take. So be it. Not one more letter. Not one more election. We see the farce for what it is. It must come down.

Let's remember to keep a cool head 29.Oct.2004 12:33


And always remember to carry a lightbulb. But seriously, after months of legal wrangling, who will have the energy to even say, "I've been robbed?"

no confidence 29.Oct.2004 13:26

ben netanasshole

You american pussies are all talk and no action. You don't even have the courage to say bad words to the piggies that push you into little pig-pens. You can't even have a good demonstration against the furor, jorge bush. Do you realize what the implications of revolution are? When you hear that the united states government murdered 100,000 Iraqi people, do you think that they would do anything less to you? No, when the furor steals this election, you will cringe, weep and squeel like the little pitiful goyum that most of you are. You should know by now that Isreal is the real power in this country. Shame on you little worms for even thinking such trash!

Yes Ben 29.Oct.2004 18:08

Freedom Fry

Thats right! The 2 great reasons for IWII (Irak war II) was oil and ISRAEL! The world would be a different one if the middle east never ending problem would be resolved and the poor powerless palestinians given their land back as the trully deserve!

Why do U all think the Goblin Sharon (Fat bustard) suddently plays nice??
He got a call - desperate call - from Brush asking him to do so and why ? only for the f....ng elections!

Peoples rights and lives shoulnd depend on on politics and elections!

free yourself from mental slavery 03.Nov.2004 09:11


it's over, and once again, Bush won fair and square--however much that sticks in all of your throats. after watching liberal shenanigans and your almost religious devotion to VICTIM consciousness for the last 4 years, i really am starting to believe that many of you suffer from mental delusions. it's a shame, too, because i really like most of you on a personal level. but grow up. stop looking outside yourselves for an enemy to battle. end the war inside yourselves--then you'll see real change in the world outside. good luck.

hell no 03.Nov.2004 09:30

i like this place and people

Im gonna go outside and BS with em and figure this crap out peacefully

Come out of Babylon 03.Nov.2004 09:44

The Angel urges the people

You cannot change Babylon (the modern state --USA, et cetera)

You change yourself.

Come out of Babylon. As you can easily see, Babylon is for the corruption of the human heart.

There is no freedom in Babylon, only conditional freedom for conditionally freed "citizens."

Come to Jesus. Live.

God is love.

Everything else is the corruption of Babylon.

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye even so unto them, for this fulfills the law and the prophets."
Matthew, 7:12

"If a man say, 'I love God' and hateth his brother, he is a liar. For he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen.
And this commandment we have from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also."
1 John, 4:20-21

Peace and blessings to all.

fuck jesus 03.Nov.2004 10:18


isn't that the imaginary friend that bush claims to have?

Fuck Religion 03.Nov.2004 10:49


Religion is the opiate of the masses, also the oligarchy of religion is one of the primary supporters of bush. He has done almost as Franco did in spain in the 30's, get support and shake hands with "the church"; suppress the working class (a slugish economy); misinform the people ("Iraq has WMD's!-state of the union address); and get full backing of all military. This is grounds for revolution, but as one said, we seem to be all talk and no action. Can we really storm the white house? Any federal building in the wake of 9/11? Due to the Patriot Act, we are proabaly all on a watch list becasue of our posting on this site. The security agencies in this country now have the right to investigate without the knowledge of the pre-emtively accussed. Does this resemble the KGB? The Gestapo? The Secret police that we are told about in "1984" are becoming more and more real, as facism fades away any future for any of us, it is clear that we only have one vocation, to overthrow the government of the united states of america, a farce of democratic ideals. We need control of the trades, take back our jobs, take back our state!
"Those who make peacfull change impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." Che Guevera.

The Weather Men Underground 03.Nov.2004 11:04

Bill The Kat

How about non violent violent protest striking the evil empire and it's corporate sponsorship where it truly hurts-financially?

Why "fuck" religion? 03.Nov.2004 11:53

God is Love

The word "religion" means "union with God."

God is Love.

It says as much in the New Testament of Jesus Christ.

"God is love. And whoever loves dwells with God and God dwells in you."
1 John, chapter 4.

So if some people murder others and claim to do it for God they are liars.

So reject the lie. But why reject God?

What has the State done for you lately? Why give it your allegience?

Whatever you resist, you give your allegience to.
Whatever you fight, you give your allegience to.
Whatever you love, you are enlived by.

So find what you can love, and love.

You have been taught in your state schooling to fight and rebel for freedom and you have never been free to do anything but fight and rebel or cooperate.

So choose the only alternative: Life.

Find yourself an absolute and stick to it.

Let no one move you from the center of your heart.

JudaeoChristinanity is not the answer 03.Nov.2004 13:21

islam isn't either

> The word "religion" means "union with God."

No, it doesn't. Words existed before you and they already had meanings.

> Etymology: Middle English religioun, from Latin religion-, religio
> supernatural constraint, sanction, religious practice, perhaps from religare
> to restrain, tie back ... 3 archaic : scrupulous conformity

Talk to a Christian in person and see how many seconds it takes them to go from "God loves you" to "if you love God you need to change the following behaviors of yours that He told me offend Him ..."

It's too bad you can't find anything loveable in the real world. Religious institutions use fear and loneliness to manipulate people.

Following Christ 03.Nov.2004 21:09

God is Love

There is a difference between "God loves you" and "God is love."

Love is not an act of our own will. We cannot love on command. We cannot will ourselves to love.

We can will ourselves to compassion. But compassionate loving-kindness requires misfortune. And none of us needs self-compassion as much as we need self-love.

If a "Christian" tells you that God loves you and then the "Christian" begins to judge you, you should know that the "Christian" isn't really a Christian but merely a follower or believer in doctrines.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. If someone tells you they love God and they go about judging, condemning and killing they are liars. Therefore, reject the lie. But why reject God?

We don't create love. Love creates us. The only creative force in existence is love. Everything else is relative and dependent on some other force or condition.

Call love God. Or call love "Love." Or call the love of God Christ Jesus.

However you choose to manifest Life's only choice, choose Love.

Everything else is derived from and generates conflict.

The word "religion" is used to mean "union with the absolute."

I'm not talking about "religion" in terms of organizations, but in terms of the living truth that we exist, that life is, that love is the only reality.

Without love words are no better than pages upon pages of newspapers that get discared the moment they are read.

But with love words are transformed into poetry.

Peace. May the love of God help us bear what we will bear.