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KBOO Morning News List 10/29/04

Did we miss anything? Contact the station at the info below.
These are the story headlines for 10/29/04 Becca produced the news this morning.

Eat it up:

death with dignity
riddle, or shuts down water
mock election results
kerry bush remain close
ethanol for swing states?
attack prompts bush website
gop operative under investigation
global interest in us elections
fbi investigating haliburton
bill oreilly sex scandal
non letal crowd control
eu leaders sign new constitution
eu rejects controversial minister
liberian violence
iraq deaths claim to be studied
iraqi resistance growing
marriott hotel has blast
arafat's health

Hey, y'all... I'm trying to convince KBOO's morning and evening news people to post their story slugs (headlines) to indymedia and various other sites. Some have suggested that we should post the actual audio, but that's gonna have to be their job. :) After all, it is available on www.kboo.org, and i'm already too busy.

Posting the headlines will allow portland's radical community to:

a) briefly scan the day's stories and investigate them further on their own if they can't listen
b) remember that there is a morning news at 7:30, and to listen when they can (and 5pm news, too! And News In Spanish, too!)
c) make sure that you're calling us with story ideas. We rely too much on AP and independent but non-local sources. We need more local reportage. If you come down with a story idea, we'll teach you how to do it yourself!

And for KBOO, posting these headlines give us the benefit of:

a) your critical feedback.. some have said kboo's too NPRish - and that's only cuz yer not participating! NPR listeners say we're too biased.
b) keeping us honest, by making sure that your stories are getting airtime
c) keeping us honest: because if we don't pronounce things right or we're boring, all you hordes of anonymous posters of negativity will jump all over our asses! Bring it on! Together, alternative media can make the Oregonian irrelevant. Why should we listen to lies?
d) Doing outreach to the wider Portland community
e) reminding people at KBOO take indymedia a little more seriously, too. Most folks don't even know about web radio, or live simul-webcasts. This is a failure in outreach, on both sides....

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