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Cheney blames Kerry for ‘Gigli’

It's All His Fault
Cheney warns of sequel if Bush loses
J. Lo Wants You
J. Lo Wants You
Oct. 26 - The scorched-earth presidential campaign took a particularly nasty turn today as Vice President Dick Cheney blamed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry for the box-office bomb "Gigli," warning that a sequel to the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez turkey might be released if the senator is elected.

Cheney has crisscrossed the country in recent days warning that a Kerry victory might bring increases in domestic terrorism and national security catastrophes, but the "Gigli" charges represent a new intensity in Cheney's partisan attacks.

Speaking before a crowd in Davenport, Iowa, Cheney said, "In all of his public statements, Sen. Kerry has yet to identify 'Gigli' as one of the worst films of all time, and one can only conclude that he wouldn't mind at all if there was a sequel."

Drawing a sharp contrast with Kerry, the vice president said that the Bush White House was "working overtime to make sure that another 'Gigli' does not happen."

Cheney's words seem designed to win over voters in the so-called battleground states, still reeling from the release of the 2003 stinker.

But Kerry, on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, was quick to fire back at Cheney, telling his audience, "'Gigli' happened on his watch."

Kerry continued on the attack, saying that not only did the Bush administration fail to prevent "Gigli," but they also "must take some responsibility for the career of Justin Timberlake and that show with Jim Belushi."

Elsewhere, independent candidate Ralph Nader said today that he was considering dropping out of the presidential race to focus on wrecking Christmas instead.

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