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The Daily Poetry Movement

Mutabaruka is credited with creating the title for the critically acclaimed movie, "Life and Debt". After that he sat down and wrote this famous song talking about the IMF and WB policies which had created inner warfare and impoverishment for the globally colonized carribean. If you have not seen this movie, do! End slavery- Stop the IMF and WB!
Ecology Poem
By Mutabaruka

now u mixin up fantasy
wid reality
cuttin down de tree
no leaves to stop de smoke
chokin our lives to death
wi fret
an' wanda why
people die
de earth breathes
an' no one feels
can't u se
are usin' up our time
it's a crime
down right insanity
mixin up fantasy
not knowin reality
ozone depletion
no discretion
soon mutation
man pollution
man destruction
wen will we see
that fantasy is not reality
disregardin health
storin up wealth
is a joke
we mite all go up in smoke
take a look at u and me
check what is been done to de sea
fishes cannot breathe on lan
talkin about mutation
de forest
de birds animals too
tell me wat are they suppose to do
wen you build your world
of pollution
is total annihilation
your solution
so what are you going to do
to help us get through
this seemingly cloud of gloom
that could bring man's doom
wake up to dis gift around
listen to de soun
of de earth the trees
the sky
den tell me why
must we die
because u can't tell fantasy
from reality
tell me why must we die
usin vanity
trying to save humanity
with your insanity
mixin fantasy
with reality
tell me why.

Life And Debt
By Mutabaruka

Dem an' dem economical plan
Still cant find a solution
Borrowin money fe lend
World bank a nuh wi fr'en

Is life an'debt all a wi a fret
Life an' debt freedom not yet

Farmers get a blow
Foreign food suh an'suh
Amerikan farmer get a upper hand
W'ile our farmers goin' one be one
Bank crash..pay slash news flash
Big bway hide 'im stash
Nuh money nuh job
Borrowin money fi lend..
Capitalism a nuh wi fren

Caricom carry gone everyt'ing
Too much importin'debt increase
Country deh pon lease
Politicians a fraud
De people draw bad card
T'ings nuh cool
Dem teck wi fi fool
Gun shot in de street
Blood pon sheet
Sour nuh sweet


But t'ings afi tun
Or a pure fire bunn
Someone will 'ave to pay
Nuh more man out a clay
Nuh more blind faith
Wi need food inna wi plate
Look how long wi a sweat
Too much foreign debt
I write a poem
By Mutabaruka

I write a poem
A poem to feel the freedom of time
Time is
I write a poem
Tryin to experience
The source of my being
Waitin for the next revelation
Or inspiration
To write a poem

I write a poem
So I can read
I can hear what I feel about my poem
The ink flows
My mind spiralin..through the corridors of time

I write a poem
And feel
That my poem can create
Can awaken

I write a poem
And hope for life goodness
The poem and poet
Must be one

I write a poem
And smile

I feel
I am writin a poem
To feel like I can write a poem

I write a poem
And remind myself of atlas holdin up the world
Or maybe Christ
Tryin to save the world

I write a poem
Only because
I ave a pen
A book
With nothing written
...a mind
that wonders in space and time
a life
a feelin
of love
of joy
for u
who would read my poem

I write a poem
So that poetry can be
The poets weapon of freedom......