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Calling all political advocacy groups to help document Democracy in Action

Subject: Belgian Art Show about American Democracy in Action seeks participation
Subject: Show about American Democracy in Action seeks participation

Be it for a candidate (Bush, Kerry, Cobb, Badnarik, Nader, etc.)
Or an issue (instant run-off voting, war issues, voting advocacy, patriot act issues, three strikes issues, etc.)
Or providing a service (registering people to vote, organizing car pooling, observers on election day)

Please donate your leftover tabling material for an art show about American political expression!

I am assembling a show that recreates your table display to express the climate of our rich grass roots culture (if your group does not do tabling, other display forms are welcome). This show will be in the exhibition space "de Branderij" in Antwerp Belgium, opening November 14th and I am making plans to show it in the U.S. in various venues after that.

Help me create a 'snap-shot' of our political richness, which many of us here at home and in Europe do not always see or get the chance to experience.

Its easy! To participate, e-mail or call me to RSVP:
Linda Pollack
Phone: (310) 804-4887
e-mail:  lindapollack@earthlink.net

When you RSVP, I will send you the address in NYC where your material can be sent.

And then send, in one package:

1) Your tabling material: brochures, pamphlets, buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, pens, coupons, clothing accessories, clip boards with sign up sheets (not filled in with names, just the sheets), donation boxes, and anything else that has been part of your table-top.

Most important is your tabling material, but if you can:

2) Please give brief, basic information;
- who are you and who is your group? (if you work with a group)
- where / when do you do your tabling?
- who is your target audience?
- why are you doing what you do?
You can speak these answers into a special voicemail box set up for the project, or you can hit the reply button to this e-mail with your answers, or you can print out the questions and hand-write your answers to include in your package.

3) Please send a photo - film or digital (if digital, they can be sent via e-mail - please RSVP first to get e-mail address): ONE photo of your table-top, and the OTHER photo of you and your table. Please identify people in the photo. For groups no longer tabling (voter registration, etc.) feel free to re-create your table top, or pose with your material for the photo.

All material should be sent in one package to a central collection point in New York City and MUST BE RECEIVED BY NOVEMBER 9th IN ORDER FOR IT TO BE PART OF THE SHOW. The best way to send material is by UPS, FED-EX ground, or U.S. priority mail. With prior agreement, I can partially reimburse you, but your donation to these costs will be greatly appreciated. After the exhibition is mounted everyone will get a photo of the show and their contribution. A web site is also being planned.

Thanks for your consideration. I hope you will participate in this exciting project!


Linda Pollack

Los Angeles based artist Linda Pollack is the founder of "My Daily Constitution", which creates interactive dialogues about the U.S. Constitution in public settings around the country. Most recently, "My Daily Constitution" was held during the Republican National Convention in eight public libraries in all five boroughs of NYC. The project has also been held in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Cincinnati (more info at www.mydailyconstitution.org).

De Branderij Contemporary Art Space, located in a former coffee roaster factory in the center of Antwerp, shows contemporary international artists.
De Branderij
Bleekhofstraat 24,
2018 Antwerp Belgium
E-mail:  de.branderij@belgacom.net
Tel: + 32 3 2267953