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Bush "Movie Villain of the Year"

LONDON (Reuters) - President Bush may see himself as defender of democracy and compassionate conservatism but British film fans have voted him "Movie Villain of the Year."
The American "Axis of Evil" fighter is wooing voters with security pledges ahead of the presidential election next week, but it was Bush's role in Michael Moore's anti-war film "Fahrenheit 9/11" that won him the villainous title.

In a poll for Total Film magazine, the U.S. leader fought off competition from such well-known baddies as atomic scientist Doctor Octopus from "Spider-Man 2" and fellow Texan Leatherface from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

"The overwhelming response of our readers voting Bush top villain just goes to show how frightening people found him in Fahrenheit 9/11," Total Film's editor Matt Mueller told Reuters.

"He was absolutely terrifying in that film. The infamous scene where he's informed about the Twin Towers attack while visiting a school, and sits there absolutely paralyzed, is enough to strike fear into anyone's heart," he said.

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Austin 29.Oct.2004 08:02


Could he be Dr. Evil?

Mini-me, you complete me. 29.Oct.2004 14:21

Mini Me

Mini-me, we do not gnaw on the kitty.
Would you like a Hot Pocket?
Would you like a Hot Pocket?

mini 29.Oct.2004 23:41