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IMC techs - please make November 3rd actions a feature!

Two actions are taking place - a Code Pink Alert at 3pm at the South Park blocks and another at Pioneer Square at 5pm
Need a feature for these please.
hold on! 28.Oct.2004 21:46

imc tech

the pdx imc techs are eating burritos right now, and playing with software but not ourselves. green tea is brewing. please wait a little while, or maybe another imc volunteer--perhaps the editorial collective--can do this for you... :]

here's a nice graphic 28.Oct.2004 21:54


try this one

or maybe these... 28.Oct.2004 22:01


these might work...

It's nicer when we use color

or maybe this one 28.Oct.2004 22:04

upstairs girl

Im upstairs looking for revolution