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What Bush Is Really Doing...

Since 1919 an organisation has been using ancient knowledge in an attempt to keep Earth under their control
This organisation found out, from sites in Egypt, that space/light/time were connected and that previous 'purges' had occured, so they began to lay down a plan that involved the creation of the Nazi's, Communism and Capitalism, so that they could use it as a smoke screen for human testing.

By targeting the Jewish nation, an 'element of the Jewish nation', were hiding the fact that it was knowledge stolen from their 'exodus' from Egypt. If you check the Bible, it clearly states, that when they went through the desert, they were worshiping a 'child killing' God, and trying to direct Earth towards a region of space were 'hell' should be.

This is why our our timings are based on multiples of 6, religious propaganda to incite war, .

It does not work like that, every aspect of your character comes from a string, or combination, thereof. So, because you have not released these strings (repentence), just like tying a rope around a goat's neck and dropping it into a well, these strings hold the 'personality' in place as the rest of the environment is accelerated to light speed.

So, they have got their heart's desire, they are indeed, going to hell...as nitro...

These dumb idiots did not understand the first page of the bible.

God created the snake...