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Armored Personel Carriers parking under POPO downtown station?

Witnessed tonight 4 APC's being unloaded from two flatbed trucks and descending to the depths unknown of CENTRAL PRECINCT."
Witnessed tonight 4 Armored Personel Carriers unloaded from larger trucks and driven to the basement of the Portland Police Central near SW Salmon. WTF? Someone worried about November 3rd when we learn it's all a ruse? Guess it's time to start the heavy weapons on anyone that speaks out; After all...2+2=5 if the party says so. Looks like fun, will leave child at home. Shame we come to this...Hugs to everyone who loves Indy
Good 28.Oct.2004 20:57


Those things won't be lumbering to the east side, let's be happy they are stuck west side.

Maybe 28.Oct.2004 22:51

Maybe Not

Maybe that's why they upgraded the Burnside Bridge last year.

If they came in two to a flatbed, I'm sure they can move individually over most of the bridges.

they're probably 29.Oct.2004 10:32


intended to prevent the let-ralph-debate crowd from rioting the lid right off of the illuminati conspiracy in the event of a bush win. don't you think?

these APC's are very 29.Oct.2004 10:49


to jamming their electronics...if they roll out on 11-03, they'll NOT roll too far...count on it!