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One More Final Plea To Nader Voters (I swear this is the last one)

Hey, could one of you make a trip to the store to help me stock up my rye so I don't have to get off my lazy ass to do it? My rye supply is running low. I'll tip you $100 and the store is only a few blocks from my home. Oh yeah, and go ahead vote for Ralph. See you at the polls (If I don't sleep through election day). Imagine the shit fit the liberals will throw if Kerry loses like Gore did in 2000.
Presidential candidate Ralph Nader makes stop in Minnesota; sees little difference between Bush, Kerry

by T.W. Budig
ECM capitol reporter

Ralph Nader’s unsparing assessments of President Bush and Sen. John Kerry fall equally, because Nader sees little difference between them.

On the presidential ballot in Minnesota and more than 30 other states, Independent Nader spoke to reporters Wednesday (Oct. 27) while on a visit to Minnesota — a swing state Nader argues lost its status as a Democratic anchor due to failings of the party.

That Minnesota is a battleground should be a surprise, said Nader.

“But the Democrat Party — the DFL — has become a shade of their former selves by not standing up for basic economic issues,” said Nader.

“Money is destroying the Democratic Party — the more they raise, the more they destroy themselves,” he said, arguing corporate dollars have enticed Democrats to look away from economic matters.

“For the last 10 years, the Democrats have been losing, losing, losing at the local, state and national level and they still will not change their strategy,” he said.

Although Nader sharply criticizes Bush, he blasts Kerry for not only mimicking the president on various issues, but trying to outdo him.

Kerry is “outhawking” Bush on the Iraq War — an illegal war, Nader contends, violating international law and birthed by a Congress that ignored its constitutional duty to declare war, leaving the decision to the president.

Besides Iraq, Kerry is calling for more spending for homeland defense — a federal agency whose budget is such a mess cost-benefit studies cannot be drawn, said Nader — and has nothing to say about corporate corruption, said Nader.

The presidential race isn’t so close because Kerry and Bush are so unalike, Nader opined.

“It’s because they’re too similar; because Kerry is not drawing bright lines to distinguish himself from George W. Bush," he said.

His own candidacy, said Nader, has been hampered, harassed, subject to phony lawsuits by the Democrat Party to keep him off the ballot.

Nader is unapologetic about the chance his candidacy might influence the outcome of the presidential race.

The two-party, electoral dictatorship must be broken, said Nader.

Nader has been criticized by prominent liberals, such filmmaker Michael Moore, for running.

Indeed, Winona LaDuke, Nader’s former presidential running mate in 2000 and 1996, has endorsed Kerry.

Nader counters by saying liberals are so intent on defeating Bush, they’ve taken a hands-off attitude to Kerry.

That’s a mistake, said Nader.

Corporate forces are constantly pulling on Kerry. If liberals deist, it will be a one-sided tug-of-war, he said.

Nader’s swing through Minnesota drew comment from DFL officials.

“To suggest there is no difference between Kerry and Bush, is to suggest there is no difference between right and wrong," said Mike Erlandson, DFL State Party chairman.

Winona LaDuke, Jesse Ventura, and other independents and former Nader-supporters are supporting Kerry because they understand electing him is vital to families, the environment, health and our civil rights, he said.

“Simply put, John Kerry is fighting for us, George Bush is fighting for the powerful elite, and Ralph Nader is fighting for himself,” said Erlandson in a statement.

A few Nader policy positions are:

•Iraq War: Nader wants a rapid withdrawal from Iraq, replacing U.S. troops with a neutral, peacekeeping force.

“There is no victory in Iraq,” he said.

“The Iraqi people will resist to the end against being occupied by U.S. military and oil company forces,” he said.

•Health care: Nader supports a single-payer health care plan replacing for-profit HMOs and removing the private health insurance industry.

•Jobs: Nader proposes a major jobs program to rebuild the infrastructure of the United States.

•Reprioritizing the federal budget: Nader proposes redirecting the federal budget away from the “military-industrial complex” to provide healthcare and free, public school education from childcare through college.

Nader remains hopeful, for the political failures he sees, that ultimately Americans will stand up for themselves against the power elite and corporations.

Things have been bleak in America before, he opined.

“Just when you think the American people can be pushed around with impunity, that the flag of rebellion is raised,” he said.

All it will take for that to happen are community activists, he explained.

Nader’s Web site is www.voteNader.org

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