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Lick Bush, Beat Dick

A PSA for the greater community.
If you have not already found it try  http://www.georgewbush.org/ have some fun,

not www.georgewbush.com the offical site.
kerry licks bush, dick, and colin 29.Oct.2004 07:37

kerry/bush in '04!

gore used "lick bush and dick". with colin powell second in line...perhaps a new phrase is needed. you can lick bush and beat dick, what what of colin?

Uh... 29.Oct.2004 13:34

not sure I want to go there

How about "Rim Colin?"

You guys are hilarious 29.Oct.2004 19:26

Funny since second grade

Seriously, it doesn't impress anyone that we can make potty-humor about the president. You'de probably be better off critiquing his policies and stuff.