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Yes on 36: It's All Over but the Praying

This is the latest e-mail from the Defense of Marriage Coalition. I am all for prayer, but perhaps this is a good sign for "No on 36." As the e-mail says: "Join us in faith believing for a miracle on Tuesday." I believe only a miracle could save 36 at this point. Even their demagoguery can't save it. That said still

VOTE NO ON 36!!!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Demagogues at The Defense of Marriage Coalition
Your Friendly Neighborhood Demagogues at The Defense of Marriage Coalition
It's Time to Pray

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results. James 5:16 NLT


Dear Pastor, Church Leader, Family Member and Friend:

Several months ago, our team of campaign strategists held a meeting to determine what it would take to win this election. We whittled down a few pencils weighing the cost—financially, emotionally, personally and spiritually—and came to the realization that this battle would take its toll in so many ways.

But the one thing we knew we could count on was the wonderful people of faith in our state whose hope is in the Divine Creator of Marriage. During every high and low moment of this election, you've been there, standing in the gap for marriage and for the traditional family. Words cannot begin to describe how much your prayer has helped this campaign.

The urgency for prayer over the next four days cannot be overstated.

We're not finished praying. We absolutely must prevail, and we're depending on the power of prayer to be the ultimate deciding factor on election night. If you're a person of faith, we're asking you to pray over the next four days as if the outcome of this election depended upon it. Because it does.

We know that prayer isn't a "good luck token" or an afterthought once we've drained our own resources. Rather, it is a powerful, strategic move of faith that results in miracles you simply can't explain away. It's irrefutably effective, globally appreciated, inherently powerful, tried and true. It's the single most powerful strategy this campaign has, and we will not win this election without it.

Join with us in standing in the gap once more.

Please forward this email to those in your prayer network, whether Oregonian or otherwise. Ask them to agree with us in believing for God's favor on November 2. Join us in faith believing for a miracle on Tuesday. And thank you for standing in the gap once more.

God bless you,

--The Yes on 36 Campaign
you guys are crazy 29.Oct.2004 13:24

go away

and leave us alone, please.