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More "Yes on 36" Hypocrisy

I just got a recorded call from "Kelly Clark of the Defense of Marriage Coalition"
Kelly Clark, Attorney for the Defense of Marriage Coallition
Kelly Clark, Attorney for the Defense of Marriage Coallition
"He" said the opposition is claiming that Measure 36 will ban Civil Unions. He said they are "intellectually dishonest" and to "read the measure for yourself." He claimed that Measure 36 only limits Marriage to one man and one woman. He closed by saying banning civil unions "was for another day"!!!

I am amazed that they have the guts to say any of this after the flyer they just mailed out saying "If Measure 36 fails... Gay and Lesbian Sex will be Taught in Oregon Schools"
Queer marriage taut in skool?meshure 36? 28.Oct.2004 21:11


If that ain'tthe damn naggest thang I ever herd of. BS I say, lesbians ok, i like to watch em' on my new B/W tv as I lay back and Reeeelax with the matress shaped like some blonde actress or sumthin'. I mean..men do what they do, I know fer a fact and don't care. I sez NO ON 36. Anyone intrested, I gots a nice decorated trayler by a crick and plenty of g'ument cheese..Also lottsa BEER beer delivered by the fibbies as they don't lets me leave the premises.

here here! 29.Oct.2004 10:35


Let's employ more classism in our struggles against homophobia!