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Mayan Tzolk'in: The Titan Connection

A graphic demonstrating the concept of the 'infinite womb', as part of a universal timing mechanism, a 'universal clock'. This is from the free software 'Celestia'.

Pluto in Syncronisation with Titan
Pluto in Syncronisation with Titan
Part of the Mayan Alternating Time decoding of the Tzolk'in.

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Explanation? 28.Oct.2004 18:36


I've seen several postings on this site with links to pictures and random comments and captions. But where is a link that explains what you are talking about and why?
I haven't seen one.

Please wait... 28.Oct.2004 21:46


This material is for those of a technical nature, at present. A lot of it is withheld at this point, until concensus is achieved.

Any theory must be compared against the available evidence and a consistant approach developed to structured release.

We must think first about impacts across 6 billion people, before individual concerns of the right to information. When dealing with the fundementals of nature, it is a very sensitive and personal matter to most people. With so many cultures, races and creeds, inaccurate material would only provide a source of confusion.

By doing it this way, we can discuss things, keep the information in the public domain and not bother anyone, unless necessary.