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Montel Williams Endorses Measure 33

Williams, an MS patient and advocate for Medicinal Marijuana, endorsed Measure 33 today. Measure 33 would create non-profit dispensaries where patients could purchase medicine.
This is a victory for the Yes on 33 campaign, whose latest foes include Drug Czar John Walters and President Bush. Williams made headlines on the Medicinal Marijuana issue when he aired a talk show last month of panelists for and against the issue.

Williams has been a strong advocate for Medicinal Marijuana and has appeared in press conferences and national news programs discussing the health benefits patients receive when using cannabis.

Medicinal Marijuana was passed by Oregonians in 1998 by a margin of 55% with decriminalization failing by a %67 margin. Measure 33 would allow dispensaries to exist under the guidance of the state, it would increase the amount of medicine for a patient and allow Nurse Practioners and Naturpathic Physicians to prescribe the Medicinal Marijuana Card.

homepage: homepage: http://www.yeson33.org