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The Ameri campaign has violated campaign finance law by sending out a mailing that does not say that they paid for or gives any affiliation whatsoever.

When voters have contacted her campaign office about this, earlier today the campaign was denying that the letter even existed, and now has changed it's tune. Now, it's saying that the letter does exist and that they paid for it. It's a nasty letter and the fact that they're lying to voters is incredibly awful.
I find her type of campaigning - misleading, untruthful, smear-filled - disappointing and the lowest form of politics.
Vote for a Congressperson Who Really Listens to Us. 29.Oct.2004 12:58


I hope you will join me in voting for Congressman Wu. He has been responsive to Oregonians of every stripe.
He always sends a thoughtful explaining why he votes. He always responds to phone calls and requests.
He is often out in public listening to diverse opinions with respect. He was one of the first Oregon congresspersons to vote against the Iraq War. He deserves out support.

Goli's TV ad 29.Oct.2004 13:40


It's the most offensive campaign ad that I have ever seen, and there are some really awful ones out there this season. This women Ameri is really scary. It's great the Wu's ads have such a good sense of humor.
What are the polls saying? Is she getting closer to beating Wu?
I'm rooting for him!

The Many Faces of Goli Ameri 15.Jul.2005 23:47

Iranian-American Community (iacus) iaczine@aol.com

The Many Faces of Goli Ameri

Many of us still clearly remember Nayirah, the 15-year-old Kuwaiti "refugee" who shocked the Congressional Human Rights Caucus in October, 1990, when she testified that she had watched infants taken from incubators in al-Adan Hospital in Kuwait City by Saddam Hussein's soldiers who "left the babies on the cold floor to die."

It turned out later that Nayirah was none other than Nayirah al-Sabah, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the U.S., Saud Nasir al-Sabah living in Washington, and her story was proven to be complete fabrication. Nayirah's testimony, however, was able to move large audiences, including human rights organizations and helped convince many to go to war against Iraq.

Today, we are faced with a new face trying to convince the Americans to go to war, this time against Iran. Her name is Goli Yazdi Ameri, an Iranian-American businesswoman who lost the 2004 bid for Congress against Oregon Representative David Wu.

Despite her defeat, Ameri's pro-war rhetoric has greatly appealed to the neo-conservatives in the White House. In March of this year, for example, the Bush administration appointed her as one of the three public delegates to the meeting of the United Nations' Commission on human rights which took place that month in Geneva, Switzerland. On what basis Ameri would qualify as a representative to the Human Rights Commission is quite a mystery. However, it is the writer's opinion, that Goli Ameri is a useful tool that will be used time and again by the Bush administration in its dealings with Iran's Islamic Republic regime.

Just like Nayirah, nevertheless, Goli Ameri is a total fraud. She and her Republican backers have oftentimes lied and misrepresented her in public. For starters, here is how Goli describes her views on the war on the State's electoral website:

"I know why many Americans oppose war. No people in the world are more empathetic, kind, or generous than Americans. But we didn't choose war, the terrorists did. And if we fail to fight it where the terrorists live, our families will never know real safety again. I'll work to provide our men and women in the military the equipment and support they need - including a pay raise."* (emphasis from us)

Looking at hindsight, especially after the "Downing Street Memos", it is quite clear that the Bush administration had decided to go to war with Iraq long before they let it be known to the American public. By now we do know that the administration's story about Iraq's possession of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was a boldface lie and Saddam Hussein's link to the 9/11 terrorists was another example of people like Bush and Goli Ameri deceiving the public.

Goli Ameri arrived in the United States in 1974 at the time when the Shah's regime was still in power. Yet, she has made the claim (e.g. interview with Oregon Public Radio broadcast on June 16) that she was a refugee from the Islamic Republic regime. Such a statement is quite fraudulent and certainly dishonest, especially in light of the fact the she admitted having gone back to Iran during the Islamic Republic regime - the second time to take part in a telecommunications conference.**

Goli Ameri claims that as a girl, growing up in Iran, she learned about extremism "in ways many politicians never will"***. Those of us, in the progressive movement who look down upon all forms of extremism (be it Islamic, Christian, Jewish, or other), condemn extremism wherever we run into it. In the Middle East, at least, the worst of extremist states are dictatorships allied with the United States. In Saudi Arabia, for example, not only do women have no rights to take part in any elections, they are not even allowed to drive. In the religious state of Israel, Palestinians are deprived of the right to own land in many areas, simply for not being Jewish. In Uzbekistan, torture of the opposition (at times, on behalf of the United States) is routine. In that respect, we challenge Goli Yazdi Ameri to break away with her Republican allies by publicly condemning the Saudi fundamentalist dictatorship as well as the apartheid state of Israel. Would she be honest enough to live up to her claims?

Au contraire, Goli tries to get in the way of any negotiations between the United States and the Iranian regime. "... the regime in Iran is the most offensive and unrepentant sponsor of terrorist activity in the entire Middle East," she claims.

" We must help the people of Iran to do what they desperately want to do: replace this evil regime and make Iran once again a respected and trustworthy member of the civilized world, " Goli states in her letter to former Secretary of State, Colin Powell.****

With a record such as hers, one would quickly reach the conclusion that Goli Yazdi Ameri is an opportunist, trying to advance her career at the expense of the people of Iran. Today, however, with the present US quagmire in Iraq, especially after the most recent revelations about the lies and intrigues of the Bush administration and the neo-conservatives in power, her actions constitute nothing but crimes which the rest of the members of this administration are also guilty of.

An self-proclaimed "anti-extremist" who is endorsed by conservatives extremists such as "the Free Republic" and the Bush administration? Certainly NOT! Rather than endorse her, the majority of the Iranian-American community will be out casting Goli Ameri.

Iranian-American Community (IACUS)

June 2005

-------------------------------- NOTES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Goli Ameri's views on war

** Interview with Portlands Weekly Willamet Week Online
"I went back for the first time about eight years ago because I wanted my kids to see where I had grown up. And then I went back again about four years ago to give a speech at a telecommunications conference, and that was another amazing experience because so many smart kids were so hungry for jobs and information and education. I don't know if you know or not, but there are now more female university graduates than there are male."

***  http://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/nov22004/guide/cand/ameri_g.html
" As a girl growing up in Iran, I learned about extremism in ways many politicians never will. "

" I was born in a country in the Middle East. I have no romantic notions of what Islamic fundamentalism is all about. And I think I am uniquely qualified to speak as to how important it is that we continue this war on terrorism and that we remain in Iraq."

**** Goli Ameri's letter to Colin Powell
March 4, 2004

Secretary of State Colin Powell

U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Powell:

It was with great concern I read your recent remarks which seemed to indicate your intent to abandon America's long standing policy against negotiating with terrorists and reopen talks with the government of Iran. From first-hand experience and historical precedence, I can assure you that any such dialogue with the ruling clerics will only lead to more deceit and reinforce their belief that they can pursue their radical agenda without consequences.

One need only look at the sham elections just held in Iran to understand the ruling regime has no interest in playing fair. Over 2,400 candidates for various elective offices were barred from access to the ballot. Other candidates actually served jail time on Election Day. Simply put, we cannot trust the governing clerical regime in Iran.

Worse, the regime in Iran is the most offensive and unrepentant sponsor of terrorist activity in the entire Middle East. The autocratic clerics stand squarely against nearly every value we Americans prize: individual freedom, personal dignity, equal rights and civil decency.

Please, Secretary Powell, do not negotiate with these tyrants. In a world too often scarred by terror, any dialogue that legitimizes this clerical regime jeopardizes the lives of innocents around the globe.

We must help the people of Iran to do what they desperately want to do: replace this evil regime and make Iran once again a respected and trustworthy member of the civilized world.


Goli Ameri