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Bush Campaign Alters Images in Television Ad

The Bush campaign has released an advertisement containing images that have been altered to mislead viewers.
The attached image is evidence that the Bush campaign is lying to American voters. This is direct and irrefutable evidence that the president of the United States is willingly misleading the voters. Notice that the soldiers have been cut and pasted.

The ad titled, "Whatever It Takes" is clear evidence that Bush is willing to do whatever it takes to stay in power.

ACTION: Please forward this information to all voters.
Yeah... 28.Oct.2004 13:55

Tony Blair's dog

and the notorious liar Donald Rumsfeld who
said that the soldiers liked to be in Iraq and
did not want to go home.

Put them in jail.

Please explain... 28.Oct.2004 14:47

DJ Shadow

I'm having a hard time seeing the "direct and irrefutable" evidence here. Is the photo fake? Where's the evidence? And what's the big deal? Doing a little editing in photoshop is not a war crime...why focus on this, when the guy has much more heinous crimes on his record.

I don't see how this photo (I don't even understand how it's a lie) will make a difference to people who believe much bigger lies. Is there some other reason you want us to forward Bush campaign info to all our friends?

I think that these kind of posts--allegations that are not backed up with any real information--do a real disservice to Indymedia. With more people looking at this site as a source for news and analysis, posters should at least explain what they are talking about. I should go look at the editorial policy, but is there anything there about stories needing to at least make some sense for them to stay up here?

whatever 28.Oct.2004 14:58



Thanks for clarifying 28.Oct.2004 16:14

DJ Shadow

Now I see what you mean. It's pretty blatant, I wonder if other people are noticing it (although on my computer, it's pretty hard to see).

But I still think this is relatively minor on Bush's long list of atrocities. Faking a photo in some campaign propaganda is not the same as faking a photo to use as evidence to justify launching a war, for example.

U.S. cloning soldiers 28.Oct.2004 16:59

just kidding

thank you for this post.

Bush campaign admits doctoring photo for TV ad 29.Oct.2004 00:23

Associated Press

Oct. 28, 2004 04:25 PM

INDIANOLA, Iowa - President Bush's campaign acknowledged Thursday that it had doctored a photograph used in a television commercial to remove the president and the podium where he was standing. The campaign said the ad will be re-edited and reshipped to TV stations.

A group of soldiers in the crowd was electronically copied to fill in the space where the president and the podium had been, aides say.

"There was no need to do that," said Mark McKinnon, head of Bush's advertising team who shouldered the blame. "Everyone technically works for me so I accept the responsibility."

The original photograph shows a sea of soldiers sitting behind the president as he stands at a podium just left of the center of the frame.

Democrats said it is fitting that Bush would fabricate an advertising image.

"This administration has always had a problem telling the truth from Iraq to jobs to health care," said Kerry spokesman Joe Lockhart. "The Bush campaign's advertising has been consistently dishonest in what they say. But today, it's been exposed for being dishonest about what we see. If they won't tell the truth in an ad, they won't tell the truth about anything else."

McKinnon said a video editor he declined to identify was told to edit the picture to focus on a young boy waving a flag. On his own initiative, the editor removed the podium and copied the faces, McKinnon said.

"I didn't even know it was done," he said. The doctoring was first revealed on an Internet site. "There was no intention on anybody's part to try to represent anything that wasn't true," McKinnon said

The Bush campaign noted that Bush was addressing a large group of troops in both the original and edited version.

"Bush is talking to the troops, the troops are real," said Bush spokesman Steve Schmidt said. He noted that the crowd the president was speaking to was much larger than depicted in the ad.

The ad, released Wednesday, is an emotional appeal in which Bush defends his decision to go to war and empathizes with fallen soldiers and their families.

The ad is running on national cable networks and in local media markets in at least one state, Ohio.

The issue was first mentioned on the liberal Web log www.dailykos.com.

They Actually Think They Can "Photoshop" Recruits/Troops 29.Oct.2004 00:27

quite Goebbelsian, no?

or the appearance of 'mass numbers' thereof . . .

just wait until the Iraq grunts start fragging commanders en masse (whether or not Bush is still in office)

Faked Photos 29.Oct.2004 00:29

remember this classic?

what comes around goes around