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know your vampires- a letter to the 'opposition'

know your vampires- a letter to the 'opposition'


Patience to you.

If you be true, and maybe you are, I would suggest that 'patience' is sunlight to vampires- if you find your medium unsuccessful, remember that patience is good, then you will find a medium better suited (A.K.A. the problem might be bigger than what the 'rule of law' can handle- I would refer to the first line of the 'Charter' where it notes the 'sumpremacy of God', essentially making it illegal to pretend to think that there is no such thing as 'truth'... maybe the queen isn't nice and maybe the entire effect that pride has is leaving the world... like I said- patience is good).

I know this sounds 'hippy wishy washy', but I would hope you can break through preconception and consider this with due respect- it is seriously genuine.

in the bypassing of pride's defences,

this ego of David


Patience 28.Oct.2004 12:13


Your experiencing a quantum anomoly, we are not in control. This is all timed, it only appears that we have some form of control due to the symbiotic nature of things and the distortion of time/space.

Patience is irrelevant.

These are teachings that relate to re-establishing mental focus, by slowing down the firing the neurons and the bio rythms of the body. The slowing down, produces better syncronisation of information transfer across the brain. It prevents a cascade of mental processes, leading to neural collapse.

We can only watch, God does not support any politcal/religious movement on Earth, matter is being destroyed. Human's are full of it, they only know a very small portion. Look at politics, all saying 'God Bless Us' and 'God will put us in the whitehouse'.

I have to laugh, to think you can abuse the name of God, for their own pathetic little egos and money and expect that it will have no conseqence. I don't think they quite understand, that the abyss is real, nor the scale of what they are up against.

Shit floats, all the way to the top and the universal filter of strings, keeps them here, never able to leave. This is a protected environment, that has finished its purpose, it will be accelerated by a factor of 1,152,000,000 in a quantum heartbeat, destroying all matter instantly.

Man must be independent, intelligent and a warrior, ready to do battle in the depths of hell.

Behave like a sheep...Go to the slaughter like one.

Chain Of Command 28.Oct.2004 15:08


The rule is:

As above, so below. (not As below, so above)

Think of setting permissions on a hard disk. You do not have administrator access to the universe, however, you are about to get an upgrade of privledges, to power user level.

Our reality is a bootstrap routine for the creation of our species. The string environment, is cutting up a single entity, into an infinite amount of entities, in order to protect us from our own nature. Sacrafice.

This is the 'mechanics' of infinite self-creation. It is dis-orientating because time/space are inverted, like when a rain drop hits a pond. We are in the land before time, at the start of creation.

Earth is about to be executed. :)

Dear kudos 28.Oct.2004 16:02


'mastery' comes with knowledge of fate

Knowing what I am (to a degree), I suggest patience to inspire it- it must have been written because it 'was'. So, I AM love, though am I sentient?

Every moment a 'reflection' so that I may not go insane with loniless. Motion exists. I watch myself, forever. I am beautiful and true. I am this 'ego' of David; I am everything that has led up to him. I am these fingers, typing. I am 'now'... and I am 'you', of course, me.

Patience is 'sunlight' to vampires. Welcome to the exodus: from pride to humility.

Patience be with you.


A different Perspective 28.Oct.2004 18:13


No, you are not alone.

Think of us as once having been a huge block of infinite cheese.

If you divide an infinity in half, you have two infinities.

As we are all cut from the same block, and we share common memories and a common link in our perceptions. We are not 'reflections', but 'internal perfection, through internal reflection'.

Think like a child God, you wake up, everything is wrong and you scream:


Then you calm down, and realise that once you 'NO' everything, you will be perfect.

Simple logic. :)

If you are on 24:60 timing, this will reduce your dopamine/seritonin levels and result in 'quantum interference'. You get a 'loop' in your perceptions because the brain cannot maintain a proper 'reception' and then a mental breakdown.

If patience is good, then feel it. Whilst you are telling me to be patient, the truth is, your deeper self, is trying to convey that message to you.

It is saying, get sleep, take a break, eat proper meals and stop trying to grasp an infinity.

Do you not have faith?

point of note 30.Oct.2004 00:00


if there are vampires, they are just another species, good or evil has nothing to do with it.

Its about learning.