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Remove the illegal signs NOW

illegal signs directing people to vote republican on the freeway around Woodburn area.
Chris Zonner (sp) state rep put them up. Odot told them to remove them but here's the catch. He has five days to remove. He has assured us they will be "removed by election day". Thanks Mr. Republican-Lawmaker-Lawbreaker

Anyone want to make corrections to my info or make additions?
cotton in my ears-sorry 28.Oct.2004 11:21


the republican lawmaker-lawbreaker's name is Representative Cliff Zauner. Phone number is 503-986-1422. E-mail  cliffzauner@state.or.us He lives in the woodburn area. ODOT gives him five days to remove them from the private property. I wonder if the person who is the owner of the property can be held accountable for this illegal deed. Oh-I forgot. Republicans don't have to be accountable for ANYTHING these days.

signs, everywhere signs.... 28.Oct.2004 11:48


Saw a news article about signs in public right-of-way. ANYONE may legally remove signs placed in the public right-of-way, including near roadways, according to the police officer from Portland.