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Video of Al Qaqaa Explosives

''The video, shot by embedded reporters on April 18th, nine days after the fall of Baghdad, showed massive quantities of various explosives.''
Local News Station Releases Video of Possible Missing Explosives

A Minneapolis ABC affiliate, KSTP Channel 5, may have provided definitive proof to end the speculation as to when the 380 tons of high explosives (HE) disappeared from an al-Qaqaa storage depot within Iraq.

The video, shot by embedded reporters on April 18th, nine days after the fall of Baghdad, showed massive quantities of various explosives. The crew reports that they were on the southern border of al-Qaqaa when the footage was taken and recorded 'bunker after bunker' that were opened with bolt-cutters and left unsecured, yet filled with explosives. Many of the boxes marked as 'explosive' were also labeled with the words 'al-Qaqaa State Establishment.'

The Bush administration contends that the explosives may have disappeared before the start of the war, thereby lifting the burden of responsibility off of the president. The Iraqi Interim Government argues that they were looted sometime after April 9th.

The footage and reports by the Channel 5 News crew supports the Iraqi government's claim as they state that Iraqi's were 'coming and going' and the site and bunkers were left unsecured.

The Washington Times went so far as to claim that the explosives were taken by Russian forces. They based their report on the words of a controversial pentagon official.

The video is clear and the explosives shown on the film are being verified by experts in Washington, D.C. to see if they are the specific HMX and RDX explosives that the IAEA claims are now missing.

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Umm... 28.Oct.2004 11:41

Bison Boy

Iraqi explosives were in a crate labeled in english?

Of course 28.Oct.2004 11:59


Of course they were in English - the U.S. probably supplied them, along with the Anthrax, West Nile, Botulism toxin, and all the other technologies and bad stuff that Saddam used (when we didn't care or actually hoped he would).

Contract number 28.Oct.2004 12:18

American Bufalloed

There's a contract number on the case -- I wonder which corporation fulfilled that contract?

noone else could have moved the stuff 28.Oct.2004 15:12


If the explosives were there after Iraq fell, the trucks used to move the explosives wouldn't have gotten far with the coalition road blocks. Coalition forces were not every where, but they were in strategic locations, and would have stopped any trucks from moving the stuff. So, the only trucks that could have moved the stuff without being stopped were driven by coalition forces, the CIA, or Mossad. Are false flag attacks being commited with the explosives? Were the bombings of Christian churches commited with the stolen explosives which could only have been moved by the occupation forces or thier allies in the area, which doesn't include a lot of groups? Britts were in the south, Haliberton was and is everywhere, private contract mercenaries who work outside the military constraints were there. But the idea that insurgents moved 380 tons of explosives without being caught at road blocks dotting the country, is just too much to buy into. It is a posabilty. But 380 tons would fill how many trucks? That is a lot of exposure. And not a one of them was caught at any of the road blocks or by other troops serching vehicles for Saddam. Trucks driving around heavely populated areas might not be searched. but trucks out in open country do not travel very far without scrutiny.

On false flag ops 28.Oct.2004 17:35


Interesting take on disappearance of the Al Qaqqa explosives, and completely in keeping with what I've suspected for some time. I don't believe the Iraqi resistance is quite as spontaneous or home-grown as most people believe. Sure there are lots of Iraqis who have taken up arms to oppose US occupation, and still others who for their own reasons didn't need much encouragement, but it seems to me that the US and its agents have gone out of their way to unnecessarily cause most of the outrage beyond that created by the invasion itself. Continued and growing unrest in Iraq serves the interests of the same people/corporations/entities that saw benefit in the invasion of Iraq, and provides a starting point for further US intervention in the region as a whole. There's no reason to suppose these same interests aren't even now busily fomenting violent insurrection wherever they can. The last thing in the world these bastards want is peace, since that would put an end to the gravy train and dreams of complete Middle East domination.

Video Shows Explosives Went Missing After War 28.Oct.2004 17:57


...ABC said the video was shot by an affiliate TV station embedded with the 101st Airborne Division when members of the division passed through the facility on April 18, nine days after the fall of Baghdad.

ABC said experts who have studied the images say the barrels seen in the video contain the high explosive HMX, and U.N. markings on the sealed containers were clear.

The barrels were found inside locked bunkers that had been sealed by inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency just before the war began, ABC reported...

training makes the differance 28.Oct.2004 20:54


One thing that the CIA taught Bin Laden was how to dig up Soviet landmines and use the explosives against the people they were fighting. Why pray for a miricle when you can use what the enemy gives you? We hear that Bin Laden used the same tactic on 911. And any black ops pros would prefer accuasitions that do not leave a paper trail to thier doorstep.

Fucking oversight commities! Always harshing our buzz.

Well, son of a gun 29.Oct.2004 08:45

Bison Boy

Apparently this is for real, and some Iraqi explosives crates *are* labelled in english. Who'd've guessed?

As for the other theories, they hardly matter right now. Incompetence or malice... either way, we need to throw these bums out on Tuesday.