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A one fingered victory salute

The salute pResident Bush gave to the world and to you.
Feel free to salute him back on Nov. 2nd.
ah yes 28.Oct.2004 11:44


Such Christian values he has.

yep 28.Oct.2004 12:02


He and that gutter-mouthed VP of his. Such statesmanlike leaders!

Wow! Aghhhhh 28.Oct.2004 12:20

Markus Zimmerman

Is this your same president doing this? I feel sorry for you american friends for having such an example of human being representing your rights. This man is letting you all down, rotting the US image abroad as you donīt even imagine. For your countries own future, think twice on your election day! The world is worried how such a person is in front of the most poweful country in the world


picture 28.Oct.2004 13:31



Would Have Made A Perfect Inclusion For: 28.Oct.2004 13:49

too bad

the "Introduction Credits" (short clips w/Ashcroft, Wolfowitz etc.) to Michael Moore's film 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Neat Trick 28.Oct.2004 14:09

Den Mark, Vancouver

bush can do a neat trick. When he puts that finger into his ear, then the left one into his other ear, he can touch fingers! A neat trick, which made his frat pals laff a lot, yuk-yuk.