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Republicans are repeat offenders
Press**Watch for October 28, 2004

(commentary broadcast 9:30AM today on KBOO 90.7)

How do you define a criminal organization? Would it be an organization that is corrupt, one that intimidates its opponents with violence and threats, one which engages in mass killing operations, one which seeks to terrorize? Would it be a racist organization that consistently seeks to put down one race while uplifting another, one which harbors bombers and coddles killers?

All of these descriptions apply to the Republican party. Let's examine a few of the details.

Pat Robertson recently surprised and upset the Bush campaign by claiming to have had a conversation with Bush Junior in which Junior said that God told him there would be no casualties while the invasion of Iraq proceeded. There's no particular reason to believe that Pat Robertson was telling the truth—although it does certainly fit the pattern of Bush's theocratic and megalomaniac modus operandi. Pat Robertson has a long-standing relationship with the Republican Party by way of the CIA. Robertson was part of the Republican/CIA axis during the bloody Contra war against the people of Nicaragua. Now the Bush Junior administration has pissed off the CIA by outing Valerie Plame and her associated operatives, and by blaming the CIA for the data that Rumsfeld and Feith cooked down in the OSP propaganda operation. So it's more likely that Pat is consciously using the information to damage Bush Junior—Pat's not stupid, he knows the revelation is negative—in order to get some revenge for the CIA.

The equation I want to point out here, however, is that Republicans plus spooks plus Pat Robertson's bogus Christian Contra aid operation equals blood, torture, slavery, and death. Republicans made northern Nicaragua a mass grave—does anyone remember? And they did it entirely outside the law, because they didn't have a majority in Congress at the time.

Republicans love mass murderers. Watch them as they lovingly embrace 'Blowtorch Bob' D'Aubuisson and Efrain Rios Montt, as they reek of the killing fields in El Salvador and Guatemala, respectively.

Are the Republicans a criminal organization? Let's talk about bombings. One of the Republican's favorite people in Miami is Orlando Bosch, who blasted the Cuban Olympic team out of the sky with a terrorist bomb on a Cubana airliner. And then there's the strong Republican alliance with Randall Terry and other apologists for the anti-choice terror movement, which has literally bombed and shot up hundreds of clinics and doctors over the past couple of decades, and which continues to threaten more violence. Hey, isn't that terrorism? Last I checked, it is. Head Republican Bush Junior loves these people, and recently fired them up as stormtroopers for the re-selection, by initiating his War On Queers. We know it as the Federal Marriage Amendment, but the faithful followers of the abortion bombers know it for what it is—a legitimization of their hatred of gays, lesbians, bi and trans persons.

That's the Republican Party as we know and love them—but we're not done. They fully intend to throw yet another election. Here's the latest from BBC Journalist Greg Palast:

Republicans don't want democracy and can't stand dissent. Every Republican Presidential campaign rally comes with its story of arrogant suppression of dissent. There were three women thrown out of a rally in Medford for having the audacity to wear T-shirts that said "protect our civil liberties." Each Bush rally of this campaign season has taken place behind barbed wire and snipers, open only to the carefully screened faithful. The town of Jacksonville, also in our fair state of Oregon, was taken over and terrorized by black SUVs, thugs, and helicopters, and when a group of citizens dared to chant an anti-Bush slogan, they were attacked with clubs and pepper-ball guns.

Republicans are corrupt—though they hardly have a monopoly in that. But the no-bid contract to Cheney's company and the email which exposed his collusion reveal a fierce dedication to corruption, to the ideology-free zone in which the powerful take all that they can, all the time. And then there are other examples, which can be identified with brief phases, like "Katherine Harris" and "Tom DeLay."

Crowning all of these crimes is the occupation of Iraq. I am amazed every day that passes that news comes in from the war, and I never hear the commentators on public or private media say the words "bloody," "cowardly," "pointless," "greedy," "sadistic," nor any of the other descriptive words that would properly describe the war on the people of Iraq. Though the other capitalist party also supports the US atrocity in Iraq, the ideological core, the ones who embrace the war like lovers, are to be found in the Republican Party.

The Republican Party is a criminal organization. It bombs, shoots, lies, terrorizes, and dodges its way to power. It needs to be dismantled, and made permanently illegal.

Republican Party leaders need to be exposed as the criminals they are. Unless we intend to suffer forever under their lies and crimes, they must be ruthlessly exposed—for example, I do not utter the phrase "Colin Powell" without altering it to "Colin My Lai Powell," for that is what defines who he is. He is a professional liar for the owning class, and has been since the My Lai massacre, which he said didn't happen.

Bush needs to be seen in handcuffs, doing a perp walk—not as punishment, which I don't believe in, but as collective self-defense. He should be indicted, not just for exposing a member of his own secret police, but for the war crimes he has spawned, including the vicious occupation and the unbelievable torture regimes in Iraq and at Guantanamo Naval Base. Ashcroft should be arrested too, for defrauding the nation with bogus terrorism alerts. Rumsfeld and Rice should explain to a jury why they saw fit to lie their way into a vicious war.

Bush's crimes are made possible by the power base of the Republican Party, which as I have demonstrated, is a criminal organization of long standing. We have an opportunity as the Republicans enrage the nation with their planned second electoral theft. There should be a full-court press against the Republicans, with the aim of dismantling their organization once and for all.

Then we can start on the Democrats.
I love this article! 28.Oct.2004 09:31


Actually it is not impossible and we should look at this in cold clear terms as a goal worthy of a nation that has to pay a lot of karma to the world and to most of its own citizens. Decent lawyers (all three of them) need to take a serious look at how to start this process and it should include the International Criminal Tribunal just because it has bush running scared since it came into existence and it would be OHHHHHH so fine to photograph his face as he was bending over in an Arab jail taking in his punishment...