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A letter in the interest of the America we love

A letter in the interest of the America we love

We are a group of young Italians born and raised in the greatest recognition and appreciation of the United States for what they did for Italy, Europe and the World.

To that appreciation and recognition many of us added a personal knowledge of the country we visited for many different reasons. Some of us went there for education, some for visiting friends or relatives, some of us just for vacation. Its music, sports, and way of life were in many instances the main reason for going there, and our expectations were seldom betrayed, if not usually enhanced.

Most of us, therefore, met American visitors to our country with genuine pleasure, as we desired only to reciprocate and strengthen our relationship.

However, following the great tragedy of Sept.11th everything seems to have changed.
Our impression is that instead of cultivating togetherness with other people, the United States has isolated itself in a fortress.
Instead of sharing its sorrow, intelligence and energies, it seems this great country has decided to live alone, to take all decisions alone, and to work in total isolation and vengeance.

This is tremendously damaging USA. We see day after day anti-Americanism grow almost everywhere: in the universities and schools, in the work place, as well as in the bars, clubs and social settings. Once  we were accustomed to cheers for American friends, now more and more often we witness silence and sense of coldness, if not clear, out and out hostility.

We would like to express to America the hope that your vote will create change for a new Administration, because this one, unfortunately, is increasing only isolation; regrettably, with this administration the distance between the USA and other countries will continue to grow, and its resulting isolation from the rest of the world will create a barrier much worse than the Berlin Wall.

If you agree with our ideas you could help us sending this letter message to friends and relatives; in any case (if you have time) we would love to know your opinion about this.
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THANK YOU! 28.Oct.2004 08:14


your consern warms my heart pisan!!!...like you as well as, many of us who live here...we to wonder how over the years...bite by bite...these theives and murderers have come to control our great nation....our government does not represent at least what I stand for...and I was under the impression that "I am a good american...and a good world neighbor...my leaders would say I am a malcontent...not in touch with the facts....I see the facts...pray for us

TV 28.Oct.2004 09:52


They have come to control this nation because the majority of people sit befuddled in front of the TV. The single most important act one can take towards change is to turn off the TV - permanently.

Thank You 31.Oct.2004 10:57

Grandma Herlove grandmaherlove@yahoo.com

Let us hope that renewed relations between our fellow man anywhere on Earth will arrive right on time. I say this in the grand scheme of things and really it is a "one ocean world," to keeps humanity connected together without need to isolate us in prejudicial pockets. The Italians as well as the Americans and every nation are on Earth are in Universe together forever. We educate ourselves and others by our individual economic initiatives. That is, by what we think and say about what we do and how we do it. Thank you for what you've said.