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Here are a few images of tonight's full eclipse of the moon in Portland
From Terwilliger...
From Terwilliger...
From Council Crest...
From Council Crest...
Wish I had a nice long telephoto...
Wish I had a nice long telephoto...
I hope you all had a chance to see the wonder of tonight's eclipse. These eclipses, and many other wonders of nature, will continue indefinitely -- regardless of who's in office. Whether we pay attention, or are around to do so, is another topic.
it was awesome! 28.Oct.2004 01:52

SE PDX resident

i saw people on the sidewalk and streets all over SE PDX, looking up at the moon and marvelling. strangers were talking to each other about how beautiful it was. in front of the red and black cafe, almost everyone was outside, staring, standing on tables, and loving it. the folks working behind the counter stopped taking orders for a few minutes so they could catch the peak, and everyone understood. it was so cool how this event broke so many people out of their normal routines and habits, and brought them together with their neighbors. i enjoyed the whole experience thoroughly!

(lots of people were joking that it was a sign the Red Sox would win the world series -- for the first time since 1918 -- which they ended up doing, while the eclipse was going on. pretty funny how stuff lines up sometimes!)

Beautiful Moon 28.Oct.2004 05:59


I watched the event with my whole family and some neighbors. What a pleasant change in view from all the distracting doom and gloom. Natural beauty beats all other competitions.

thanks for this 28.Oct.2004 08:10

n portlander

i got an email last night telling me to go look at the moon. i had no idea that the lunar eclipse was going on, but i got one of my housemates and the two of us sat on the roof and watched it for at least an hour. it was wonderful.

Awesome Sight 28.Oct.2004 08:45


and I love how the moon begins as a large orange globe and shrinks to a white ball as it rises from the eastern horizon. It has certainly been an ecliptic month.

Sky so clear! 28.Oct.2004 08:54


I was working as a volunteer at the Red Cross center in N. Vancouver when someone said the moon could be observed in the eclipse. Sure enough. The building has windows on the entire east side, so while I was making sure blood donors were comfortable, we could see the moon. It was glorious! What an "upper" with the election turmoils coming up. It was a rare delight!

Stop Sign 28.Oct.2004 12:00


Just another sign from jesus showing how a darkness has fallen upon the land but will disappear shortly.

The Church 28.Oct.2004 14:22

flat earth society

The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen its shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church.

First Shadow Was Cast by Pacific Northwest 28.Oct.2004 17:08

bitter root

This isn't captured in the photos provided, but in a rural area in the eastern Gorge, east of the Cascades, the Sun had only just set and the sky still very light blue in the east, in the earliest transition into twilight, long before the first stars appear.

(Blue-green Vega, in the constellation Lyra, almost directly overhead is one of the earliest to show this time of year, then, a little later, yellow Arcturus in Bo÷tes, high in the WSW in the ashy-blue creeping twilight.)

The Earth's shadow had made its first appearance at about the 7 o'clock position on the large lunar disk, just above the shrub and grassland on the ENE horizon. It was obvious, looking at the Moon even as the sky to the west, looking in the opposite direction, was still bright and yellowish, that the first shadow was being cast by the part of the planet Earth in our region--an arc somewhere along the eastern edge of the North Pacific ocean and the western margin of the upper N. American continent.

Take a bow!