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For All Republicans

Are you "really" a republican?
1) Do you have more than 5 million dollars in savings?
2) Are you an executive of a corporation that is polluting the air,
or a river, or the earth?
3) Do you own a company that is being unpatriotic in any way .....
moving your production off-shore, or moving your headquarters
to an off-shore post office box, or outsourcing your work to
third world countries?
4) Do you own a company that does business with corporations such
as just mentioned.....say a law firm, or newspaper or TV station that
sells ads for them?
5) Are you going to be able to pull strings in the State Government to
keep your sons and daughters and grandchildren from fighting in
Iraq, or possibly other such "democracy giving" wars?

Then, the chances are large that you are not a Republican and may
someday regret voting as one. I would guess that not more than 10%
of people are in any of the catagories mentioned above, but yet the
polls show an even match in this election

One of our most popular Presidents - Eisenhower - warned
us - "Beware of the Military Industrial Complex". Well,
according to The Center for Public Integrity
(www.publicintegrity.com ) nine members of the Bush
Administration are making millions of dollars from the
invasion of Iraq. I will not mention their names here, I
only wish to remind you that the Military Industrial Complex
now occupies the White House.

Please, ask yourself if you are "really" a Republican!
I'm John Kerry and I approve of this message 27.Oct.2004 23:13

John Kerry

1. Yes
2. My wife is on the board of many of these companies.
3. Where do you think that most Heinz ketchup is made? Here? Ha1?
4. Heck yeah!
5. If I had sons (and not just daughters that look like sons) you can bet that they would never see war.

That's right, I'm not a Republican. I'm a Democrat.

ALREADY POSTED 25.Oct.2004 16:47 27.Oct.2004 23:25


this 28.Oct.2004 09:47


Two comments on #4.

1. All business owners would have to say "yes" to that one. How can they avoid doing it?

2. Are we using the definition of "UNpatriotic" from the cold war days, or the Bush administration's definition (which is pretty much the same as the cold war days definition of "patriotic"), or perhaps another one? The meanings of words like these change as needed to fit the efforts of the current administration to train, corral, and domesticate the masses of sheeple they herd. Other such terms include "American", "support our troops", "freedom", "democracy", "hero", "terrorist", "terrorism", "weapons of mass destruction", "God", "some people say...", "moral", "morality", "preserve the sanctity of marriage", "republicans", "democrats", "resolve", "strength", "fear", "flip-flop", "intelligence", etc.

Welcome to the last days of the english language as an effective communication medium. :)