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pdx indymedia rss or xml syndication of the newswire?

--- syndication of the pdx indymedia newswire question ---
i have seen similar questions come up a few times on the site previously, but have never seen a pdx indymedia techie answer... i have thought of emailing the tech group directly, but figured i'd give this a shot first.

we have found that the pdx indymedia features are syndicated at the url = portland.indymedia.org/features.1-0.rdf
but what about the 'newswire' posts?? it would be a huge benefit to all if this was/is a possibility.

sometimes at work [or on a slow connection], the website is not easily viewable due to circumstances, but from an RSS reader [like mozilla thunderbird] it would make keeping up with the site so much easier! if the newswire is not syndicated, is there anyone looking into doing that? i swore i have seen other indymedia sites that have their newswire syndicated....

./ thanks in advance for any help people may provide \.
rss request 28.Nov.2004 12:03


here's another vote for an rss feed. i found this comment area while searching for the rss feed site for indymedia and was surprised to find that there apparently isn't one (or if there is nobody has bothered to respond here). i'll keep hunting for one, if it doesn't exist, i think it's an excellent idea.

rss feed 24.Feb.2005 11:13


hmmm I also was surprised, that there isn't one...
I wanted to add it to my RSS Arpegiator... hmm :-(