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NOV 3rd Mass

take to the streets nov 3rd
celebrate, protest, ride, walk, fight, drink, party, cry - nov 3rd 2004
north park blocks to everywhere
Code Pink Alert: November 3rd No Matter What 27.Oct.2004 07:04


What about time? 29.Oct.2004 08:50


Let's make it 7pm. That way the working folk can make it.

Nov 3 critical mass 01.Nov.2004 13:36


The more support and voices raised the more powerful this transition or overthrow will be. I will assume, until definitive posts correct my thinking, that the North Park Blocks will be the organizing site. A cyclists mass is especially important considering the latest tactics the PoPo practiced on Friday nights Halloween Mass. Writing this post gave me an idea that might be difficult to sustain but would be effective in breaking the funds of the overly aggressive illegal police force....ride in mass every night until the citizens finally spoke up and demanded that the mayor and/or police leadership (or lack of) stopped this harrassment.

sending good vibes from costa rica 02.Nov.2004 10:32

ptown girl

wish i could be there for you all to help support...but i am living now in costa rica, so you will be in my thoughts. RESIST.
one love.

sounds like a plan 02.Nov.2004 10:33

rain or shine tali@lastcallpdx.com

don't forget to bring cameras.

weathers afoot 03.Nov.2004 00:42

california raisin on ice

nice sunny nippy day tomorrow,

perfect weather for some protest.