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Rumsfeld's War on PBS Frontline

Thought I'd never recommend turning on your TV. But go turn it on. Now.
Well according to the website, it will be avialable for streaming in a couple of days.  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/pentagon/

With the United States Army deployed in a dozen hotspots around the world—on constant alert in Afghanistan and taking casualties almost every day in Iraq—some current and former officers now say the army is on the verge of being broken. The man responsible, according to those officers, is a secretary of defense who came into the Pentagon determined to transform the shape of the military.

In "Rumsfeld's War," FRONTLINE and The Washington Post join forces for the first time to investigate Donald Rumsfeld's contentious battle with the Pentagon bureaucracy to assert civilian control of the military and remake the way America fights.
... 27.Oct.2004 15:20

this thing here

after watching this, the most glaring thing to me was how much the bush admin. was warned beforehand about all the problems now happening in iraq, every single one, and how despite all the warnings, they still went ahead and did it their way. the bush admin. has proven their critics right so many times that's it's completely insane that they are still around, and that half the voting public thinks they are "doing a good job". utterly crazy...

Premeditated War 27.Oct.2004 18:52

No shit

For anyone who was paying attention, this Iraq thing was clearly on the table pre-911. This war was not a response to 9/11 -- it was *enabled* by 9/11.

One thing that always had my attention -- but was hard to piece together -- was the number of long time gov't higher-ups and generals who fled (or were kicked out) by these neocons. This show helps piece it together.

Anyway, this is rare piece of tv worth watching will be rebroadcast on Thursday at 3 a.m. Glad they put it on before the elections...