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Colombian Food in Portland?

My girlfriend's coming from Florida in a week...
...and she's first generation Colombian-American, and she wanted to take me out but I said I didn't even think we'd be able to find Cuban food, here, let alone Colombian. I haven't been able to find anything, either...anybody else know of a place we could go that serves anything from roughly that region of Latin America, even?

Short of that, she wants to cook for me, so can anybody suggest a decent Latin food market in the area? Or would I have to go further east, like toward The Dalles or Pendleton to find that kind of thing in these parts?


try craigslist 26.Oct.2004 21:40

more help

You'll get help on this site


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There is a Salvadorian Rest 26.Oct.2004 22:04

On Foster

about 55th or so. Not sure of the name. BUt it is between Holgate and Powell on the right hand side if you are traveling from Holgat towards Powell.

NO hay NADA 26.Oct.2004 22:48


No hay ningun restaurante colombiano en portland...I hate to say this...becausemy live would be so much better if portland had one...I have been looking in web pages for colombian restaurants in the US and the closest restaurant is in tacoma, wa...still too many miles away. you can look for colombian recipes in
we (the colombians) get together quite often to cook and dance...maybe you and your girlfriend may want to join us...in the meanwhile ask her to bring some arepas and pandebono from miami.
you can get yuca and platano from Becerras and food 4 less ( i don't like to go there either but until we are able to grow yuca in portland I may have to...)

cuban food 27.Oct.2004 01:08


don't know of any columbian restaurants, but there is a cuban place at about 30th or 33rd and NE Glisan called Pambiche (don't know about the spelling). I've only had appitizers there, but it was delicious. It's not very veg friendly, and not too cheap, but, it is family-owned and has been around for many years. the owners of that place also owned a cuban place downtown on burnside that has since turned into a strip club. sigh.

Sadly 27.Oct.2004 13:29


much of the latin-American cuisine in Portland is upscale. I'd like to see more authentic street foods of Cuba, Central and South America.

Where is the Colombian Resturant in Tacoma? 01.Oct.2006 08:24

Kwal kwalteros@yahoo.com

I know no one has written for awhile, but where is the Colombian Resturant in Tacoma? My husband is from Colombia and its our first Anniversary and i am trying to find some Colombia food to surprise him. If any one knows anything will they please post or email me at  kwalteros@yahoo.com. I would be so greatful!

Colombian related food 12.Dec.2008 18:08

Caro cdiaz@pdx.edu

The colombian restaurant is Tacoma, can be found in this web page:  http://ocean.st.usm.edu/~w302144/sancocho.html

About Portland, the closer I have found to colombian food is Pambiche, in 28th and glisan, a green/yellow/pink funk house. The food is just awesome. The pollo criollo, for example is prepared similar to colombian, they have plantains, yuca, etc. The frijoles are prepared with a more similar colombian sason that any others i have tried. There is also a very nice restaurant called Andina, it is peruvian, it's located in glisan and 14th-ish. I go there only for happy hour or tapas, the restaurant is expensive but for special occasios is worthy. Near pambiche, on glisan and.. hmm, i believe it's around 25th there is a market called Dashen. It's mexican owned but you can find there arepas flour, mix for pandeyucas, pandebonos, frozen mix-almost ready of bunuelo, yuca, frozen-fruits like maracuya, lulo, guanabana, etc. Sorry, I don't mean to make you guys get a watery mouth. Enjoy!!