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Pitcairn Island "government" and the illuminati satanic agenda (child rape as "culture")

Women accusing the men that raped them as 10 year old girls. In the end the rapists will continue to run free, after some headlines for the sheeple that they were "convicted". So what's special about the Pitcairn island process, besides the fact that it takes place in the most remote corner of the British Empire ?
Women accusing the men that raped them as 10 year old girls. In the end the rapists will continue to run free, after some headlines for the sheeple that they were "convicted". So what's special about the Pitcairn island process, besides the fact that it takes place in the most remote corner of the British Empire ? As I wrote as the process was announced in the media : Prison is NOT what the british "justice" has in mind for the "Pitcairn authority" - exactly like for dozens of thousands of child predators that run free in the UK, even if many of them were denounced by their victims. It was worth for the Empire to have so carefully protected the gang rapers of 10 year old girls for so long (1). Now the time was ripe for this "process", i.e. for the rapers to pay back, providing the precedent of a "state" where raping of children is "part of the culture". This time the predators that will officially be running free will be the "Pitcairn authority". Notes : 1 - Pitcairn is the most remote inhabited island in the world ... while its inhabitants had the highest media coverage per capita in the world. Some examples, just to pick up on a leading "research" magazine in human geography : - Children of Pitcairn & Norfolk, National Geographic, pp 510-541, Vol. 164, No. 4, October, 1983, National Geographic Society - Islands Lost in Time, National Geographic Society, 1997. ============= http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,11185683%255E663,00.html is a good example of advanced mind control techniques. The headlines are nothing but grass for the sheeple; on the other hand child predators will immediately understand the true message. The same message that is meant to feed the sheeple after the headlines are gone. Examples : - rapists and child molesters of Pitcairn Island were laughing and joking as they walked to the island's courthouse ... When he left the court, he broke down in tears - ... mayor's wife, who described sex as being like "food on the table" .... tradition dating back to 1790 ... Girls were raped at will under banyan trees. - "These judgments today have sent a clear message that the abuse of children is not acceptable in any culture anywhere, and Pitcairn Island is no exception." ... But neither conviction nor sentence will be formally entered against the men until next year, after the hearing of defence arguments that the trials were invalid. http://www.lareau.org/pitcres.html http://www.lareau.org/Steve+Olive.jpg Meet the Pitcairn authorithy - the last representatives of the British Empire in the Pacific Ocean; the people that ruled and continue to rule Pitcairn Top L-R: Dennis Christian, Randy Christian, Steve Christian. Bottom L-R: Terry Young, Dave Brown, Len Brown.


this is our culture 26.Oct.2004 15:51


And here I am two clicks away from watching any number of children getting on the Internet as a form of "fantasy" for men.

A few months ago an American man used the defense in court that his right to own child porn is a matter of "freedom of speech." I suppose he saw how prostitution on film is culturally protected despite prostitution's illegality and figured child prostitution on film should be treated similarly protected despite its illegality.

The age of entry into prostitution in the USA is 13-years-old, and this "child rape as culture" is more rampant now in America than ever before. Our children get raped in their own beds and in cars instead of under banyan trees.

feeding the "culture" 27.Oct.2004 11:12

Matt Marriott


Yesterday-s verdicts represented the culmination of an investigation that has lasted almost a decade and was sparked by one little Australian girl whose father was stationed on Pitcairn as its minister.

One night the 12-year-old girl was found missing from her bed. When she returned home and her frantic father demanded to know where she had been, she said she had been raped by a Pitcairn man in his early 20s.


When the detectives arrived, they found their suspect defiant. Shawn Christian, the son of the mayor, admitted sleeping with the 12-year-old Australian girl, but said the sex was consensual and produced love letters signed by the girl, to prove it.
All Mr George and Mr McGookin could do was give Christian a formal caution against sex with minors.

But upon their return to Britain, the detectives presented the FCO with a strong warning: Pitcairn urgently needed a police officer. A Kent Constabulary constable, Gail Cox, was sent out to provide basic training for an island volunteer, Meralda Warren.


Then in December 1999, she heard that a visitor to the island, a New Zealander named Ricky Quinn, had slept with a 15-year-old Pitcairn girl.

Ms Cox charged Quinn with unlawful carnal knowledge of an under-age girl, and a hearing was staged in the public hall before Jay Warren, who was then the island-s magistrate. Quinn pleaded guilty. Mr Warren sentenced him to the maximum penalty of 100 days- imprisonment in the island-s long-disused white wooden jail.

But already Ms Cox-s investigations were being undermined. Meralda Warren, the island policewoman, persuaded Quinn to plead not guilty to another charge, of indecently assaulting the girl-s best friend, also 15.

Ms Warren believed that Cox had misunderstood the island-s culture, where under-age sex was a natural part of life ? a line still argued passionately by the wives and daughters of the defendants.

Ms Cox agreed that Quinn could avoid jail if he left the island immediately aboard a departing yacht, then set about digging for more clues. Interviews with the two girls produced the names of other Pitcairn men, including those of Shawn Christian and his older brother Randy. One of the girls said that as a 10-year-old girl, she had been gang-raped by Randy Christian and another man.

In April 2000 the detectives Peter George and Robert Vinson flew to Australia to interview the Christian brothers. Randy Christian denied ever having had sexual contact with the girl, but both brothers admitted that they had slept with other under-age island girls. In his interview Randy described a society where sex-play was natural for children.

?We used to play around when we were little kids,? he said. ?We never, like, penetrate, but we always, like, play around in the nude,? he said. The detectives flew to New Zealand to interview one of the girls Randy said he had slept with. She told them she did not want to make a complaint, but mentioned that when she was 12 or 13 she had been raped by Dave Brown, another islander.

She was one of many Pitcairn women to describe the strange sexual antics of older islanders, such as Maurice Warren, now dead, who was notorious for masturbating in front of very young children. The detectives visited dozens of Pitcairn women in New Zealand, Australia and Britain, as well as on the island itself. The trail of evidence never went cold.

?Every woman we went to see was giving us disclosures (of abuse),? Detective Inspector Vinson, the chief investigating officer, said. ?We-d fly somewhere, get a hire car, knock on a door, disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. We didn-t have to persuade anyone to talk.?

Most said they had never spoken about the abuse before, not even to their husbands or their parents. ?I was ashamed of what happened to me,? said one woman who was repeatedly raped by Steve Christian and Len Brown. ?You get abused, you get raped. Back on Pitcairn, that-s the normal way of life,? she said.

When the detectives interviewed the men, they got admissions of sexual relations from five out of the six who were found guilty yesterday. But all said the girls ?wanted it?.
Steve Christian systematically raped virgins of 11 and 12, telling them he was ?intitiating? them into sex. Once he had led the way, other men on the island would follow, raping the girls whenever they chose.

Brothers were raping their sisters while parents turned a blind eye. Several complainants told how one man, now deceased, would rape girls of 6 or 7 after forcing them to watch him have sex with his wife.

Many of the men named were long-dead community leaders such as the former magistrate Purvis Young. However, until this investigation began, there was no police officer, no independent magistrate, nowhere for the victims to turn.

The Pitcairn Island Chief Justice Charles Blackie said in his judgment yesterday. ?In reality, who could (a victim) turn to? Who would believe her? And what would they be able to do about it??