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Anti-Kerry Smear Documentary, “Stolen Honor” showing tonight at 6:30pm

The famed documumentary that was created to smear John Kerry weeks before the election comes to PDX Shilo Inn.
Lars Larson and Oregon Conservatives are showing "Stolen Honor" tonight at the PDX Airport Shilo Inn starting at 6:30pm. They will be doing two showings.

Lars Larson said on his show today that he expects people to show up that don't like the movie, so we shouldn't disappoint him or the other conservative bozos.
Don't be Lars Monkey 26.Oct.2004 13:42


Lars is trying to provoke conflict for his own benefit, so he can dramatize his event and self-promote. Fuck them...don't go protest their stupid flik...use your energy to get folks to fill in their ballots...use your energy for something that might be productive..it's not like he personally gives a shit if you like the movie or not..it's all for his self-promotion.

Will Dick Show? 26.Oct.2004 13:49

balsam root

Seeing as how this is another one of those outskirts of town, in the shadows airport motel events, does this mean that State security forces will be scrutinizing, stopping, sniffing, questioning and IDing passengers at the MAX stops and on the trains going to the airport?

Will the Haliburton Bag Man be there?

Will there be a Free Speech Zone?