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Anyone Know Agencies or Groups Needing Clothing?

Seeking a local service agency or neighborhood group which needs good used clothing and can pick it up.
I don't have a car. What I DO have is two very large boxes filled with mostly young women's (and some men's) clothing. A clothes horse friend who is moving couldn't keep this and most of it is in excellent condition. There are winter coats, sweaters, blouses, pants, jackets, shoes, leg warmers, hats. Some warmer weather articles as well.

I've been waiting for another friend to come by and take these to Washington County Seasonal Workers but don't know when that will happen.

Everything is clean and in good repair. Most of it is classic; the only really outrageous thing I saw was a full length cowgirl dress with black fringes and holstein-patterned cloth on top.

Any suggestions of someplace I can call to offer these boxes of clothes to people who need them and can come and pick them up? I'd rather this stuff go to a group that is not going to charge people for it (unlike Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Valu Village).

This is not far from the Adidas campus.

Many thanks!
Agency Needing Clothing 26.Oct.2004 11:23


I sent this url and info. to my friend who works at New Avenues for Youth downtown. They always need clothes, I'll let her know to read her email today. Many thanks!