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Why, Doesn't Anybody Care?

In short the video was an effort to put a spotlight on the crimes and injustices currently being perpetrated by the continuation of illegal occupations in the name of democracy.
The video is free of cost and can be seen by clicking on this link:  http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/lnk/nj45win9604/Why.wmv/play.asx
To download real media 256kbps:  http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/lnk/avwebdsnjwebsrvr4513/Why.rm/play
windows media 350kbps:  http://interface.audiovideoweb.com/lnk/avwebdsnjwebsrvr4513/Why.wmv/play
The lyrics to the video can be viewed: www.yovdo.com/lyrics.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.yovdo.com

don't worry 26.Oct.2004 15:08


Time has caught up with people behind such things.

This reality will soon no longer be anything more than a prison of torture for all those involved.

Time/space can get nasty too and will.

The quickening has begun.