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Confused by all the Oregon ballot initiatives? Tune into pdx indy radio on Wednesday

Some people have already mailed in their ballots, undoubtedly, but if you haven't yet, tune into pdx indymedia web radio on Wednesday, noonish, for an interview with former City Commissioner candidate Mark Lakeman. We'll especially be discussing all the different numbered measures -- 33, 34, 35, 36, etc., etc., to help those of us who haven't voted yet figure out what to do. This'll be the latest installment of "On the Air" with spArk & Deva, a semi-regular interview show on pdx indy radio.

If you miss it live, don't worry -- it'll be archived after the initial broadcast, and prominently linked to from the Oregon Elections page on this site.

To listen live on Wednesday, or find the archive later, click here.

And no, don't expect an endorsement of Kerry.