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City Council and Comcast want to steal away Cable Access

In an earlier post, someone wrote an excellent article about the theft of Cable Access and talked about a board of directors meeting tomorrow which may go some way towards deciding the fate of Portland Cable Access (name changed to Portland Community Media). You can read that story here -  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/10/300846.shtml
People should not just go to this meeting though. Are any of the producers meeting to decide on actions to take? This should be taken to the City Council as well other ideas to get the word out. A whole bunch of people should sign up to speak at the city council one of these Wednesdays. I think you have to sign up the week before. You get a few minutes to talk and it would be a powerful statement to have a bunch of people talk about this.

People who know about this or are involved, please post and news and updated info. This has been the first I have heard of it. Thanks.