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Nader = Bush ; Part 3

washington presidential Ballot-3rd party bill and milly willies all agree on major issues but can't agree to pool thierselve in to one party.
Hope Spring Eternal
Hope Spring Eternal
The major issue is getting the Hell out of Iraq as stated in the Washington Voters Pamphlet by the
Nader independent, Socialist equality, Constitution, Socialist worker, Green, Workers World, and Libertarian parties candidates running for president.

As an aside, its ironic that the constitution party is worried about immigration which of course is not mentioned in the original constitution.

In the Washington Voters Pamphlet, the republicanParty does not even state we are at war. This is denial. The democrats do mention this fact war, but its one of several priorities. Perhaps, the Kilroy Duopoly may not have had thier fill of blood yet. Their campagne rhetoric still pretends that they can win the war. I am holding my nose to vote for one, for I suspect that he is lying. Kerry is not brain dead and does remember Vietnam. I Hope Kerry knows better. So i'll hold my nose a vote for the ass party.

Any other vote in this election of course is a vote for bush. That is assuming they are counted. No concience is on the ballot so I can't vote mine.

Without a local, state, national infrastucture between the independent parties, little political power can be achieved, Coherence is needed. Its likely to late to run a local candidate but its wise to consider it in the near future.

Remember not one god damn senator would sign on with the representatives in congress to contest
the presidential election. Not one god damn senator would to support US citizens who had been politically raped as thier votes were stolen. Not one god damn senator would support the candidate that won the majority vote.

The majority of these god damn senators voted for war. This god damn majority are killing your children. This god damn majority of senators are spending your childrens childrens inheritence to benefit oligopolies so they can get re-elected.
Review of "Nader = Bush parts 1, 2, & 3" 25.Oct.2004 21:24


The author put it best in part 3:

"Coherence is needed."

Huh? 25.Oct.2004 22:54

George Bender

Stupidity part 3.

We know what we're doing, you don't.

Also, we've already voted. Give it up.

Thanks, George. 25.Oct.2004 23:31

oregon voter

couldn't have said it better.

!! 26.Oct.2004 00:41


A vote for anyone but Bush, is a vote for Kerry. Unless you vote for Bush, you are supporting the evil policies and deaths that will happen under Kerry.

A vote 26.Oct.2004 09:10

yanqui Latina

for kerry is a vote for bush, a vote for the same shit we have had for at least the past 30 years.

Oh, dear... 26.Oct.2004 10:24

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Bender, you didn't change your mind at the last minute and vote Kerry ?!?!

I'm shocked. :p