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Books to Prisoners BENEFIT film night thursday 10/28 7:30pm: "SHORT EYES" (1977)

The Books to Prisoners film series continues at Liberty Hall! (311 N ivy)
This Thursday, October 28th at 7:30 pm at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy, there will be a benefit film screening for Books to Prisoners! we're showing "SHORT EYES", a film based on the prison experiences of Miguel Pinero, a founder of the Nuoyorican Poets, written while he was incarcerated in Sing-Sing. Pinero was homeless when the acclaimed film debuted in 1977. Soundtrack by Curtis Mayfeild! The film will be followed by a discussion.
Raffle tickets to benefit B2P can be purchased at this event -
The following is a list of prizes that you can win in our raffle:

* -Voucher for 10 regular movies at Hollywood Theatre
* -1 year subscription to Prison Legal News
* -1 year subscription to Justice Matters
* -2 Prisoner Solidarity Packages w/ literature about prison issues, and BTP T-shirts
* -Radical Literature Package ($70 value)
* -Acupuncture Therapy Session
* -$10 gift certificate to the Red and Black Cafe
* -$10 Gift Certificate to Laughing Horse Books
* -2 CityBikes T-shirts

We will be having multiple events leading up to the raffle drawing, so keep your eyes open as these will be a good opportunity to buy your raffle tickets. We are asking a $2-3 suggested donation for each raffle ticket.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who generously donated to this raffle:

* -In Other Words Feminist Bookstore
* -Red and Black Cafe
* -Laughing Horse Books
* -Hollywood Theatre
* -CityBikes
* -Western Prison Project
* -Prison Legal News
* -AK Press

Portland Books To Prisoners

PO Box 11222

Portland, OR 97211


homepage: homepage: http://www.liberty-hall.org
address: address: 311 N Ivy