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Cable Access Producers Unwilling to be Herded into Free Speech Zone

Amid a hostile environment consisting of a dubious Executive Director, a questionable consulting firm, an uninvolved Board, and a City Council willing to hush the public's voice and spend Cable Access funds elsewhere, Freedom of Speech at Portland Community Media is at risk of being destroyed.

As if having the national media taken over by a half-dozen media moguls weren't enough, Public Access stations across the nation are facing an onslaught of interests bent on destroying the last vestige of the public's voice on our own airwaves.

Here in Portland, this trend has taken on many forms. The most disturbing of which has been the recommendation of PCM's Executive Director to "brand" public stations and limit certain programming - such as shows of a political nature - to being broadcast as little as one day a week, thus creating a veritable Free Speech Zone within Public Access.

[ City Council and Comcast want to steal away Cable Access ]

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