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Don't be fooled! No on 35

Don't be fooled by the hogwash about measure 35. The insurance industry is the lobby behind this measure and it's all about profit.
Don't Let Big Insurance Limit Your Rights
Don't Let Big Insurance Limit Your Rights
Measure 35 is NOT a Band-Aid for high insurance rates. It simply will not do what it claims. If passed it will do NOTHING to help the doctors suffering from high insurance rates. In states that have passed similar legislation, insurance rates continued to go up - in some cases at an EVEN HIGHER RATE.

A very small number of doctors are responsible for over half of the medical malpractice claims. The medical profession needs to do a better job of monitoring their own colleagues and putting the flagrantly bad doctors out of practice.

And the insurance industry must be reformed.

AFL-CIO, Oregon
American Federal of Teachers, Oregon
AFSCME, Local 75
Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers
Brain Injury Association of Oregon
Center for Justice and Democracy
Common Cause of Oregon
Community Alliance of Tenants
Governor Barbara Roberts
Governor Ted Kulongoski
Multnomah County Democratic Party
Oregon NARAL
Oregon Federation of Nurse and Health Professionals, Local 5018
Oregon State Public Interest Research Group
Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
Public Citizen
Service Employees International Union, Local 503
Service Employees International Union, Local 49
Former Supreme Court Justice Betty Roberts
Rural Organizing Project



homepage: homepage: http://www.realinsurancereform.com/

No on 35 25.Oct.2004 23:04

sage femme

NO to self-serving attempts to amend the constitution.

NO to discriminatory measures being wrtiten into the constitution(those who sue medical practitioners)

Measure 35 is a boon for insurance companies, and cretes more animosity between patients and clinicians. Disputes about problems with medical care outcomes need to be worked out in mediation, not by lawyers to make money. I was sued for $14 million a few years ago in a totally frivolous lawsuit adventure which was dropped two days before depositions were to begin--21/2 years of pure hell, and I'm voting NO on Measure 35. NO to stupid changes to the constitution! Support mediation and open communication!