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Does Oregon = Oligarchy?

Injustice and unjustness, its inhumane forms have taken on a mind of its own. It resembles an oligarchy, not a democracy. An oligarchy is a political system governed by a few people. Any subgroup of the whole governmental system is still an aspect of its evolutionary direction, what it is becoming even under Measure Eleven.
If it was as plain as the nose on our face, we could easily see the forest for the trees. However, besides wanting the fair sentencing given by Judges there is also what a jury of your peers is supposed to learn. When a man or a woman gets no trial because he or she is scared to dare to try after what they see and learn while incarcerated, a lot is left out of the whole process.

Furthermore, when bail is set according to stacked charges but can't be made, even when a Judge relieves the incarcerated of that bogus burden and recommends Close Street Supervision, and there is no acceptable address for the arrested person, he or she remains in jail until trial.

While incarcerated these inmates see and hear evidence about their plea bargaining chances. They see and hear from other pretrial, pre sentencing, pre plea agreement opponents when one of their fellow inmates rejects the DA's offer for 36 months, 43 months, 75 months. These people must feel their chances are very good at trial for their own reasons and decide to go to trial.

But some of those people come back into the jail after losing their case in court with 20 and 30 year sentences which were recommended to the Judge by the DA. In this way, the DA plays with time like so many cards in a fixed card game, numbers on a set of crooked dice. You must play his/her way or lose the game. He/she engenders fear, propagates it, cultivates it, and perpetuates it. If the value of a plea agreement is to save court time and shaves 15 and more years off a sentence in one agreement but turns into 15 and more years after trial, what do we value about the human family? How much does fear pay? When does it become cruel and unusual punishment?

Fear is quite contagious to our vulnerabilities. So, he/she, the DA, is at the heart of the cruel and unusual punishment and regardless of what the voters think they have righteously voted for. If the Judge can decide "yes to 20" or "yes to 30 years" upon the DA's recommendation, this means, the DA can recommend anything whatsoever within some predetermined and prejudicial guidelines.

Still, the Judges can hold forums, speak out, talk to the press, demand comprehensive change and do so on an ongoing basis. Where are they? Maybe prosecutorial power makes it an easier job for the Judges. Let the DA take all the heat for the inequities of Ballot Measure Eleven. "You voted for it," the Judge could say and shrug his shoulders, going home to the wife and kids, sleeping a peaceful sleep at night.

Voters play around with peoples lives, the lives of whole families. They only read and understand what they want without concerning themselves with the whole picture. Worse, the DA fools around with Measure Eleven to suit his ambitions, to keep his win rate at 95%. The prosecutorial misuse of power by the District Attorney's Office is a national problem within the Criminal Justice System of the United States of America. But it is more insidious when Measure Eleven gives the DA another twist in the mean game to play against our humanity, to torque around with one's state of mind.

From the gate, we ought to use different tactics to get what we want. We must not be afraid of being fully informed. What, in fact, is the guideline chart? Is it non existent when the DA plays politics behind the scenes? First and foremost, people need to be informed about the games behind the scenes, the fear engendering tactics played on Public Defenders, too.

The Public Defenders are players in the fear game with very little to do without having to try a case in court, to get their money from the State. They prefer plea bargains. They can handle more cases, get more money for doing less work. It isn't as simple as it looks.

Then, as human beings we ought to look for alternate options. We ought to not be satiesfied until we deliberate about the most consciously comprehensive considerate alternate option. Instead we're filling more prisons, doling outlonger prison sentences and allow ourselves to be distracted by the real costs of imprisonment because it includes the cost to the families of prisoners, (not just victims of that other face of justice) for generations to come.

Injustice and unjustness in all its inhumane forms have taken on a mind of its own. The mind set resembles an oligarchy, not a democracy. An oligarchy is a political system governed by a few people. Any subgroup of the whole potential governmental system is still aspect of its evolutionary direction, what it is becoming. When you vote for Measure Eleven, you're voting for an oligarchy.

So desensitized to the human factor has become the outrageous authority that it is now the enemy of the people and the friend of the criminal mind. That criminal mind, it turns out, belongs to those who strive to make things worse under the guise of making it better. They even profess to following laws and agree to making more laws despite that laws in general may lack equity.

Law can lack equity. Yes, Judges, innately honorable Judges, like Solomon, ought to know about equity, but the laws favor the power that allows the law to be stretched and strained into a crime. The crime can be a legal crime against our humanity because now it is not committed solely by those who are alleged to have done something wrong in society. The legal crime is an integral part of the legal mind sets, those that thrive on power for power sake regardless of how many human families are destroyed, how many children are deprived of their parents throughout an entire childhood while serving unnecessarily long prison sentences.

Justice and its bureaucracy are devoid of innate equity. Measure Eleven makes matters worse. We are in the wrong hands, heart, mind and fool ourselves to think otherwise. The question remains unanswered, "does Oregon = Oligarchy?

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