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An Open Letter to Prisoners

My article is about systems thinking to rectify and redirect the course of history. Prisoners are not only inside the wall of a prison, our world is a prison system. We can get out of system by taking conceptual responsibility for it.
October 25, 2004

Dear prisoners,

Fortunately, we can get out of system, which is what the imprisoning mind imposes on us. However, we cannot get out of Universe. It is within Universe that we persist along with our deepest longing to be free of all chains that bind us. This is our experience whether we suffer the inhumanities inside a prison or as our world, really, in relative terms becomes another sort of prison. If our world doesn't work for everybody, it does not work for anyone. We are in this together and forever.

Let us not be afraid to consider systems thinking and direct our conceptual faculties toward the advance civilization. It is our only hope to get out of any redundancy whether behind prison bars or after release when joining once again what professes to be a free society. In one perspective systems thinking means that we have to find the minimum set of variable factors. It is always four at minimum. I have found what I think will make our predicament a bit easier to understand. I list these most relevant sets of four variable factors here. Please do not think it is beyond anyone to understand or that we exist solely to please the authority, any authority, and therefore belong in the punitive mind sets.

I have found many "four minimum set of variable factors," SSEC, PRSE, GPLC, STIE, FSIP, These are the most important sets to get started.

SSEC stands for Self, Sovereignty, Equity, Conceptual responsibility;
PRSE stands for Politics, Religion, Society, Education;
GPLC stands for Guilt, Punishment, Law, Crime;
STIE stands for Science, Technology, Industry, Economics.
FSIP stands for Fear/love, Self/hate, Inequity, Political bias;

Self is consciousness of one's own identity
Sovereignty is self determination, self governance
Equity is dealing fairly and equally with all concerned
Conceptual responsibility is that "conceptual = imaginable."

So, I think the SSEC is a very important conceptuality for any one of us to consider and reconsider. Especially, as most of us have no idea that the SSEC is an inalienable right, the intelligence of which we ought to have been encouraged to propagate, cultivate, and perpetuate from the moment we were born. It is when we abnegate self that we are working to please the authority that denies SSEC. If the authority was of a wise mind, it would never try to deny SSEC. SSEC cannot be imprisoned, it is the mind of everyone's individual initiatives, awake or asleep, inside a cell or in a meadow, against an inescapable wall or the shade of an old apple tree in the freeman's orchard.

Instead, after our birth we assumed a position in a family, a home, a community, the world. Our family may have seemed or actually was so weak, mean, uncaring, disinterested, ignorant about something which we could put no name to but felt out of step with others we admired. Our home may have been so inadequate that nothing we could think to do would make it better, would turn it into a caring place to live. Our community may have been in the worst, most wretched neighborhoods blighted by the previous generations, even members of our families who likewise had to survive within the demands of the degrading experience. Our world, therefore, was viewed from the agony and pain of these conditions which in retrospect were not outside the power and self-serving purposes of the PRSE system.

While doted on by the best possible parents that anyone could ever imagine whose ties to the PRSE on the surface passed muster, looked good to the world, and even envied by the wretched refuse to which we might otherwise identify ourselves closest related, the Criminal Justice System, its prosecutorial power, the prison systems, all vehicles leading to and from this in every conceivable vote and venue was being created and upgraded by the STIE system, (Science, Technology, Industry, Economics) to further perplex our humanity and facilitate the irrationalities of the evolving generation into which we were born.

Few of us realize that from birth we have not been given the most important information a human being needs to direct its SSEC toward the advanced civilization. We were not told, did not learn, about "the innocent state of mind." We were not taught how to anticipate a world of "no admixture of harm." Nor were we advised about systems thinking, nature's coordinate system, and that we are conceptual beings. Yet, we can use systems thinking to rectify and redirect the course of history, the history that imprisons human beings who, inadvertently and sometimes directly, serve the sole functions of the imprisoning systems by learning to placate and fulfil any and all the authoritative misgivings of the PRSE.

Our focuses, therefore, have been to please the authorities in what I call the PRSE system, which inadvertently propagates, cultivates, and perpetuates the GPLC system. Politics, Religion, Society, Education provide the cultural conditions for the Guilt, Punishment, Law, Crime system but only as the FSIP system cultivates the festering enigmas which to all degree evolve into greater dismay. Alarmed thus in quagmires of fear-engendering, any of us are bound to fulfill the repetitive cycles of such a world

With politics, religion, society, and education we have disinherited our species from its innate equity, equanimity, the inherent balance that thrives in happy, free, live and let live self esteems. We have been taught to think law, more laws, mountains of laws, inequitable rights will solve the baseness of these perpetuating problems. We have been fooled into thinking that law is the same as equity and that punishment is the same as deliberation.

Fellow inmates, I urge you to look at the most consciously comprehensive considerate alternate option. If any of the words in this letter seem too much to understand and that you find it too difficult to try to comprehend the meaning of this message, then to what authority do you turn? Is that authority without any admixture of harm? Does it inform anyone of a world that works for everyone and if so, can this also be of an admixture of harm?

What about the minimum set of variable factors listed above? What have we personalized as to the system FSIP, Fear/love, Self/hate, Inequity, Political bias? At least on the surface, do not all these systems of four minimum sets of variable factors give us a pause to think a thought? If so, then might it be an accurate statement that thoughts are systems. Then naturally systems thinking, a thought, a minimum set of variable factors, and all degrees of freedom is not a foreign language. Unless, that is, we make it so and would rather appease some sort of authority outside our SSEC.

Grandma Herlove

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