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more assaults on Indymedia

I went to dc indymedia at 9:33 am and the buggers at rightwingextremist have the site rerouting to Georgewbush.com. You can't publish on NYC Indymedia for some reason. Notice how the posts stop after 10/23/04.
You can post in the external articles section of NYC indymedia. I don't know if this is the result of an attack or if NYC Indymedia decided to block posts until they got their security issues straight. All I know is that if you try to post to NYC IMC, you get a warning message every single time saying you left the category field blank. There is one article at NYC Indymedia about New Jersey Indymedia also being hacked:  http://nyc.indymedia.org/otherpress/display/919/index.php
I'm not trying to raise alarm about what are rather childish attacks. I just find these people who are doing this annoyingly persistant and am pissed I can't read the news at DC Indymedia.
more Indymedia sites hacked 25.Oct.2004 09:45


cosequences 25.Oct.2004 10:55

Curious monkey

Did IMC seazure give hacker access currently being observed? Colud these hacks be US/GOV or are they disgruntled Indy voulunteers/ infiltrators.

Wierd world...?
crazy george
crazy george

know is the time for change 25.Oct.2004 13:21


i highly suggest you go to www.mozilla.org and download firefox web browser. then you will no longer have these troubles:D then you can be fun having!!!

Protestwarrior Brownshirts At It Again? 25.Oct.2004 15:14


Here's their members mailing list:


Have fun!

aren't these just anarchists? 25.Oct.2004 17:36

Migratory Bird

Why should we email those cats they are just anarchist kids in college! What do they have to do with the protest warriors, and the crazy bullshit? Please enlighten me on this.