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The Diebold Voting Machine

A little video on Diebold System
Diebold Voting
Diebold Voting
Open this video instruction on how to use a Diebold....
Diebold voting machines 17.Nov.2004 20:13

Sanity Clause ladyjustice333@earthlink.net

Why is it that Democrats are always asleep at the wheel? We've been talking about crooked voting by the Reps. at least back into 2000 and yet we meekly continue along a stupid, compliant path. And there is considerable evidence that the liars, murderers and crooks in the White House are connected in some way to 911 and are covering it up. Look at all the deaths that have taken place while the idiot Bush playfully looks for WMD''s around a podiun while people are being blown apart in Iraq. My God, our country has become a NIGHTMARE!They HAD to again steal this election just to maintain the coverup. Yet you are asking questions as if Dems had done something out of line. I just don't comprehend the sense of questions of this kind. Investigative reporter, at www.gregpalast.com states that Kerry won the election so why isn't it brought up. Are we supposed to run around like a whipped dog with its tail between its legs? It's evident and had been for years rhat we are living in a growing fascist state. THE NEW WORLD ORDER has taken over which has been planned for decades by the crooked Bushes, Falwell, Robertson and Delay. If we ever live to see it, we will have to fumigate the White House !