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An open letter to Mr. Ralph Nader, in a time of grave crisis

My requirements for obtaining my vote, which were established 8 years ago when I stopped voting for the Democratic Party and began voting for Ralph Nader as the only candidate who fulfilled 70% of those requirements or more, must now be set aside. The problem is not Kerry (he's average for Democrats and rates about 50 percent on my scale) but Bush, who represents the true essence of all that is most stupid, putrid, evil and malignant in the country and on the planet, and has laughingly decided to mock public opinion by brazenly stealing the second election. I believe that since he is willing to slap us by stealing the election then we, you, Mr. Nader and the rest of us who support you, must loudly throw our sad towels into the ring and tumble the statistics and probability estimates by voting for Mr. Kerry and stopping this fraud.
Dear Mr. Nader:

By all reports, thousands of them, we are in for the biggest electoral rip off in our history. The bush cabal has been quietly and efficiently preparing and building on the Florida experience of 2000 but at a full scale national level which is many orders of magnitude more evil and dishonest than those golden days of 2000. The majority of black and latino votes are vulnerable and/or being eliminated and a sizable minority of the white votes (universities, most large cities even entire states and regions) have just been confirmed as ridiculously vulnerable to Republican manipulation.

We are the only voting block of significance that is being totally ignored by the media but not by the liars masquerading as pollsters because they consistently see our effect on their fraudulent work. We need to take ourselves as a responsible mass of conscious voters and ensure that thieves in the night like the bush cabal do not run off with an election which at this time they have lost by very wide margins. We have no way of moving the consciences of public officials that have faustianly sold their souls but we can as a group return the slap by making sure that a mass of 2 million voters suddenly goes to the man who is not cheating as much, notwithstanding the fact that his supporters cheated like a Repuglican with you. This gesture will be the true essence of old fashioned American heroism and the only one that children will read about 100 years from now.

We must do this in a sad but disciplined manner because it is the only way that we can stop the massive fraud that the Repuglicans are mounting. The only way to stop it is with the numbers of people that have always made a difference in wrenching the democratic process from the grip of the rich and evil: we add 2 million more votes that clearly throw the election out of the control of the bush cabal. I urge you to negotiate with Mr. Kerry some minimal safeguards for future elections where you can receive your due but we, led by you, should at this moment urge all Naderites to vote for Kerry as our maximum sacrifice to forestall fascism and to ensure that the numbers presently being cooked by the bush cabal with media assistance fail to materialize because of our intervention. If there were a correct, even if less historical sacrifice for my vote in this election I would again be proud, like I was in 2000, to say that I voted for Ralph Nader, but there is no such way

I have closely and objectively observed the American public and the country begin to transform from the chosen ones which we were prior to the assassinations in the 60s to the traumatized and consequently misguided and mislead peoples we became for the '72 election and everyone of them since. We actually had one last fling with greatness with Jimmy Carter but he did not have what it took to wrestle the scepter from the murdering devils that were in the process of poisoning us after they sacrificed Nixon and let Carter in to buy them more time. The thousands of aware Americans I met in that short period made me truly hopeful that the shameful things which had just been done to our leaders and to leaders around the world by our government and the corporate elite would stop and that those wonderful people would rise up and object to the murdering devils and cast them into jail.

But then the murdering devils and the prostitutes in the media and the criminal corporate elite and the abomination filled rich here and around the world united to give us a third rate actor instead of the morally correct choice in 1980 and night fell like the shutting of a million pound steel door. Blood poured from my nose when I first heard the unexpected commentary "... and our projections show that Ronald Reagan is the next President of the United States." Having studied in minute detail the rise to power of Hitler and the methods used by our CIA to bring fascism to countries around the world, I knew what we could expect so I watched in horror as the play/battle began. Throughout this black period, and even before, you had already been speaking truth to power and became the beacon that moved so many of us to not loose faith in the system. After loosing faith in the system with the selection of the major malefic Bush in 1988, you became the sole voice in the wilderness and we all owe you much for being the focus for transforming despair into hope and action.

My inside voice became revolutionary as I observed American homes smugly watching the Rwandan massacre on TV saying "Tsk tsk!" to each other. I watched in horror as the would be leaders of the "free world" began to slide down the slimy slope of immorality and fear into the netherworld that the evil strands coalesced into the globalization elite were expertly guiding us into. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush - each nightmare outdid itself and brought more clear signals that if we the people did not do anything to regain our moral ground and our country soon, we would loose both forever. The springs on the bear trap were being pulled back yet we the people had allowed ourselves to become fat, sassy, arrogant, spoiled, conceited, stupid, unconscious and immoral. Democracy was still working in a perverted sort of way - our leaders were lying, killing, cheating, stealing and we were reluctantly locking ourselves into a psychopathic dance with them. Then came 9/11 and for the first time I saw you tired.

Then the CIA script for fascism began to unfold with accelerated vigor as Ashcroft and Chenney sent death squads around the country. I though that only the really blind could not see 9/11 as a very logical consequence of what had started with the traumatization of the population with the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations. Even the same people that mrdered in the 60s were now doing bigger things in 9/11 and beyond. But the brainwashing had been very effective. The instilling of fear with those first shots in Dallas, Texas (of course!) had reached the point where the pancake could now be turned over for the final few minutes. With George Bush, the minor malefic, the bear trap has been pulled back and locked over our collective heads; will we take an obviously retarded and demented psychopath as our leader? And still the people said nothing! Even you said nothing about 9/11 and the set up that that so obviously was and that shook me hard!! Why would not even you stand up to and protest a Reichstag fire that now threatens to be concretized into the largest prison in the world?

But now we face, in a matter of days, the stealing of an election in terms so big and so open and so defiant of all moral codes that we owe it to ourselves and to you to move as a mass in the only direction that our vast numbers can in order to block this slap in the face of humanity. Only by voting for Kerry can we affect the grand robbery that the bush cabal is engineering in a way that says "NO, enough already!" We need to clarify that there is nothing that Kerry has said that would normally justify our vote, we are only acting to stop the massive fraud that is placing this country below the lowliest fascist banana republic anywhere. But we need to act quickly and do it loudly and stand up to the blatant implementation of corporatism/fascism in the US.

Although you barely scored 70% this time around (IMHO, you are far too conservative), you were and still are the only real moral choice but the people still do not want to realize that the bear trap is hovering about to snap their stupid skulls into so much mush. Out of the depths of our collective guilt before the entire planet comes one last plea for more time - give these undeserving Americans one last chance so that during these next four years under a mediocre Kerry, the fascist iron bear trap does not shut out the lights of our young experiment in conscious democracy. If by then we have not metamorphosed into a courageous people that do not deserve to have that bear trap smash our brains into its teeth, if we have not seen the wisdom of putting you not as above the garbage but as the lowest common denominator for a presidential election, then I am sure that the bear trap will be shut by cosmic forces and the USA will begin to pay karma and debts to the rest of the world in a way that will make us all shudder. If we can reach critical mass in four years to overturn the fascist tide that bush-chenney offer then we have a long way to go to sanity but at least we are on the right road.

I will return to voting for you for the next election, specially if the shameful lying Democrats do not revolt from within to jail their present stinking yuppy corporate leadership. And I will be the first one at the first demonstration against Kerry's war to throw a rotten egg or tomato at the man I will have just voted for. These next four years of awareness time is much more than the cowardly public deserves but they will get it if you join me and explain to your loyal troops - the only real Americans left! - why it is necessary to give the people a grace period prior to allowing them to drown in their own vomitous fascism. More important, it will send a clear message to the dark forces in the bush cabal that their days are numbered, they have been caught and that we are coming for them with handcuffs, paddy wagons and straight jackets; that evil is no longer welcomed in our midst and less so in our government so they must go into the jail or under it.

With High Regards,
Spot the spin... 25.Oct.2004 06:04

Tony Blair's dog

"I believe that since he is willing to slap us by stealing the election then we, you, Mr. Nader and the rest of us who support you, must loudly throw our sad towels into the ring and tumble the statistics and probability estimates by voting for Mr. Kerry and stopping this fraud."

So, what are you saying?

That Bush will steal the election?

And therefore everyone must vote for Kerry?

But if the Bush administration intends to go for voting fraud
then it really doesn't matter if people vote for Kerry, right?

The polls in the media saying Bush and Kerry
are running side by side is the real fraud
created to scare people into voting for Kerry.

More of the same status quo supporting bullshit 25.Oct.2004 07:14


November 3rd will be a great day!
Not because of who is or isn't elected, but because we can finally stop hearing the screaming and ranting of the "liberal left" and their nauseating politics of fear!

We can finally stop hearing our friends and compatriots telling us of the need to stop the bleeding by supporting a kinder gentler version of "empire at all costs".
We can finally stop hearing about how the "short-term" outweighs the importance of grandchildren "unborn and unnamed".
We can finally stop hearing about Rowe V Wade going down in a cloud of conservative appointed judges.
We can finally stop hearing about "blatant fascism" as we gleefully transcend into veiled fascism.

If by some minor miracle the liberals "dream" (they fought so hard to achieve) becomes a reality and John Kerry survives the last second Karl Rove plots and surprises and the PNAC manipulations of electronic voting, then at least these confused "progressives" will finally shut up.

Which is of course the problem. They put their "buttons" away and go back to the pleasure of their middle class consumer lives with the misguided belief they actually accomplished something. When in fact, all they accomplished was to grind to a halt the largest awakening of the American sheeple since the 60's. All they accomplished was to put a different face on the evil they claim to oppose.
Just as when Clinton revealed behind all of the compassionate rhetoric that he was just another corporate militarist, the Kerry supporters will be nowhere to be found.
They can put their buttons away and go back to talking about how protestors are "inconveniencing" them on their way to Wal Mart.

Despite the fact that our perverted out of control version of capitalism will still be the source of pain and misery throughout the world, the liberals will be oblivious to it all because they successfully fooled themselves into believing anything really changed.
Their silence will be deafening.
Their activism, a thing of the past.
Their John Lennon records left once again to gather dust.

And the American version of capitalism and militarism will continue to flourish as we creep closer and closer to the ecopocalypse.
But hey at least the liberals can feel good.
And isn't that all that really matters?

At least Nader is a man of CHARACTER 25.Oct.2004 07:29

paying attention

One major distinguishing factor of Nader over the two Skull and Bonesman is his long record of CHARACTER. Yeah that is one element that can't be manufactured in a two second sound bite. Nader is too socialist for me but I can't deny his long standing CHARACTER.

"By all reports, thousands of them" 25.Oct.2004 10:06

in a time of Grave 'Democratic' IDIOCY.


THOUSANDS OF REPORTS. and *****MILLIONS***** of votes.

and dumb shit fuck wads like you still find time to 'bash Nader' INSTEAD OF THE FUCKING, GOD-DAMNED GOP.


Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election?

Flawed Integrity of Florida Virtual Vote - Doubters Say They'll Take To Streets

Criminal Charges In South Dakota Absentee Ballots, GOP Board Member Resigns

GOP Voter Drive Accused of Tossing Cards in OR, NV (also PA, WV, MN)

GOP Brownshirts Move to Crush Ohio Vote

New Mexico e-Voting Machines Fail

why, Oh why, do I have to wake up to more of this dreck every day?

are we reading the same letter? 25.Oct.2004 11:21


I wonder if you guys are reading the same letter I read. I mean the guy (gal?) above really likes Nader and really dislikes Kerry and Bush but you guys seem to have read something else or your comments are so incoherent with rage that they are suffering from the same closemindedness that the rabid rightwing nutcases have. This guy has a good point, stop long enough in your rantings to think about it.

Wake Up Time for "Paul" 25.Oct.2004 11:48

yoo - hoo

the above is an ABB letter.

sure, couched in the highest praise for Ralph - but remains, an "I'm Not Voting For You This Year, Ralph Because I'm Too Goddamn Scared (Or Doctrinaire)" letter.

THE ELECTION FRAUD CURRENTLY OCCURRING IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT than eleventh-hour pontifibulation (hashed nauseatingly and endlessly during the past year) over the Nader candidacy.

At this stage, IT SIMPLY DOESN'T MATTER that Ralph, The Green Party, The Constitution Party [GOP up in arms about these], or The Libertarian Party are running pResidential candidates.

quit wasting your, and our, time with this nonsense and GET ACTIVE ABOUT REAL EVENTS.

The Letter Author still 'bashes' Nader. 25.Oct.2004 12:08

here's how:

the presumption of the entire screed is that a vote for Nader somehow 'jeopardizes' Kerry's chance to unseat Bush, or at least directly allows Bush to win.

ESPECIALLY in view of the vote fraud statistics which the author him(her)self cites in the above letter,

this can not be true.

it was not true in the Nov. 2000 election.

The author has no empirical or rational basis on which to base the prime logical argument he posits in the above letter.

it is a "straw man" argument.

it is irrelevant.

it would have been much better for the author of the above letter to simply leave those caveats out, and just make it a "praise Ralph" letter.

Nader DID NOT "cost" anyone that election (nor did Pat Buchanan, or any other third-party candidate).

period, end.

in the Nov. 2000 Presidential election, 8 MILLION registered Democrats nationwide voted for Bush/Cheney.

13% of Florida's Democrats voted for Bush.
8% of Florida's Republicans voted for Gore.
Of those who voted for Clinton in 1996, 16% voted for Bush in 2000.
Of those who voted for Clinton in 1996, only 1% voted for Nader in 2000.
Of those who voted for Dole in 1996, only 4% voted for Gore in 2000.
Of those who voted for Dole in 1996, only 1% voted for Nader in 2000.
Of those who voted for Perot in 1996, 10% voted for Nader in 2000.

it was DEMOCRATS, not Greens, that gave the Presidency to Bush (especially when Senate Democrats, presided over by V.P. Al Gore, refused to hear repeated requests by the Congressional Black Caucus to sign on to a filibuster - only ONE (1) Senator's endorsement was required, and people like Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd have retrospectively come to deeply regret their inaction - in protest of the election result and SCOTUS appointment. See the first 10 minutes of the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" for details).


TO YOO-HOO: 25.Oct.2004 12:16


what activities would those be and what are your version of real events? Pray tell because most decent people I know would also like to know and participate if you have a specially anointed and blessed version of the truth which the rest of us poor lowly slobs are not privy to...


linked and referenced here (above comment):

Lynn Landes and Bev Harris are doing something, unlike "Paul"

Paul 25.Oct.2004 12:28


While you're busy wasting time here the republicans are busy making sure votes aren't being counted. It's getting late, maybe you should do something if you really want to see your candidate elected.


Plus, there are much more important things to be dealing with for those who actually want a better place in which to live.


This is stupid 25.Oct.2004 14:10

George Bender

What kind of idiot writes an open letter to Nader asking him to drop out so Kerry can get elected? And thinks we want to read his bullshit? I didn't bother to read it all, too stupid. There is only one way the Democrats can get us off their ass, in the future, and that's by giving us what we want. Otherwise we'll be back in 4 years to do it all over again.

The Department of "Et Tu..." 26.Oct.2004 15:24

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

"...What kind of idiot writes an open letter to Nader asking him to drop out so Kerry can get elected?..."

Well, Michael Lerner just wrote one. It's on Common Dreams.

Someone remind me not to go over there anymore. I feel nauseous...