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Bush looking thru binoculars with the lens caps still on them

I found this interesting photo on Google, while searching for images about Dubya which I need for the cover art of an anti-Bush CD. The funny thing was...
when you go to google, you click on the link that says images right above the text area of the search form. Type in the word Bush as I did, and rather than getting all these serious images of Bush, you get mostly satire images. It's good for a great laugh. Just make sure you click on the link on top of the display results web page which reads: See full-size image.
here's the photo 24.Oct.2004 23:14



Wow 25.Oct.2004 00:15


now I know why we call it the axis of evil

loved the coke poster 25.Oct.2004 19:41

Bush is an idiot

How much proof can we stand?