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Radical Reference: Your Election Resource

Got election questions? We can help.
Because this election is being hotly contested with so much riding
on its outcome (can anyone say "conservative supreme court"?), Radical
Reference, your friendly neighborhood information mavens, have put
together a guide for the upcoming election
( http://radicalreference.info/elections). It includes links to state
elections laws for all 50 states, live voting tallies, and links to
elections observers and -- the most important piece of information --
Election Day Hotline to report voting problems: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

We will also have observers on the street and available to help answer
your questions via Instant Messenger (Nick Name - Radreference) or our web
form ( http://radicalreference.info/referencequestion).

Got election questions? We can help.

Radical Reference