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Gore preaches anger management to blacks

Al Gore is touring black churches in Florida telling black voters to consider directing their energy to voting instead of lashing out in "angry acts" and "angry words". Gore had similar misgivings about black anger in 2000 when he ordered Jesse Jackson to shut up about racist disenfranchisement of black voters in Florida. Al Gore's father, who had one of the most "liberal" Senate voting records of his time, similarly felt the 1964 Civil Rights Act was rash, tried to gut it, then voted against it.
In a tour of black churches where he was addressed by a Democrat party machine pastor as "Brother Al", Al Gore joked about unemployment by saying he understands how bad this economy is because he was the first one laid off under it. Ba dum bump. And kept the running gag going by saying that the new jobs that have been created are not as good as the ones lost, including his. Ba dum bump. But on a serious note, he had delivered a specially prepared message just for the black Christian audiences on this tour: consider doing something positive in response to the disenfrancisement of black voters in Florida in 2000, like getting out the vote instead of engaging in "angry acts" or "angry words".

No doubt he is referring to Jesse Jackson's angry attempts to incite riots in the streets back in November 2000 over myriad tactics to prevent or obstruct black voters from casting their ballots, including the removal of black voters whose names matched those on felony lists in Florida. Gore made a point then to tell Jesse to cool it and to react to the stolen election in a more civilized manner, and he made Jesse stop riling up all the black folk about it. When Gore's wife Tipper said some angry words about the disenfranchisement of black voters in a joint interview shortly after he decided not to run in the '04 race, Gore patted Tipper on the knee and chided Tipper for not doing like he had done, and just get over it. Until women and colored folk learn to be guided more by reason than emotion, it's good to have men like Al Gore to keep demonstrating what it means to be "presidential".

Considering Jesse's unhelpful angry tendencies, it's a good thing the Democratic Party refused earlier this year when Jesse angrily insisted that the Party should invest millions of dollars in a huge campaign to register millions of new black voters this year. It's much better if Gore swings through some churches a couple weeks before the election and tells blacks there to stay cool and try voting for a change. Yeah, that way you don't get riots and stuff, which would make Kerry look bad.

Gore has always been patient about the foolish and futile angry ways of black folk, and has even found them to be somewhat amusing, such as when members of the Congressional Black Caucus were angry because Gore, Lieberman, Kerry and all the other Senators would not sign onto their angry call for an official investigation into Bush's stealing of the election. Gore got quite a chuckle when, after Maxine Waters said in that misdirected pointless angry black way of hers that she doesn't care whether a Senator has signed the call for an investigation or no, he quipped that he imagines that the law does care. Ba Dum Bump.

If only Gore had won in 2000, if only Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn and Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon hadn't been so angry and supported Nader (they've gotten over it now, too), then maybe Gore would have provided mandatory government funded anger management courses for all the blacks, especially the Christian ones, and don't even talk to Gore about the Muslim ones, so they could all learn to behave constructively like the Asians, and our country would be a much happier place today. Instead, we got Bush, who is the exact opposite of Gore in so many ways it just staggers the mind.


Gore talked about the proper way for blacks to expend their "energy", which echoes this commentary about Jesse Jackson's role in the 2000 post-election Florida recount:  http://www.dartreview.com/archives/2000/11/13/the_rev_jackson_goes_to_florida.php

"Gore had kept a lid on his allies: when Jesse Jackson rallied thousands in West Palm Beach and Miami on the two days after the election, the Vice President put out an order through Daley that there would be no more of that from any of his backers. The atmosphere in South Florida was already too charged, he argued."

Gore rejected the angry calls from black leaders for angry actions like an immediate U.S. Justice Dept. investigation of racist voter disenfranchisement right after the election. It was good he kept the lid on all that black anger. After all, the Justice Dept's leisurely after-the-fact review only revealed:
"On a statewide basis, while African Americans comprised about 11% of all voters in Florida in the November 2000 presidential election, African Americans cast about 54% of the ballots that were rejected in the election."

Gore's sense of humor about it was still intact at his concession speech too:
""Tonight, for the sake of our unity of the people and the strength of our democracy, I offer my concession," Gore said in televised address from Washington's Old Executive Building, adjacent to the White House.
With his family and running mate, Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, solemnly watching a few feet from the podium, Gore told the nation that had placed a telephone call to Texas Gov. George W. Bush offering his congratulations.
"I promised him that I wouldn't call him back this time," Gore quipped, referring to his Election Night concession to Bush he retracted an hour later. "I offered to meet with him as soon as possible so that we can start to heal the divisions of the campaign and the contest through which we just passed." "

Considering all of the above, one has to wonder, is this:
how Gore remembers the day he chuckled off Maxine Waters' call for him to challenge Bush's coronation?

Oh, but according to the disinfopedia the Democrat-apologist authors of "Banana Republicans" point out that Republicans like Roger Stone are always using gullible black folk like Al Sharpton to try to convince black voters that Democrats like Howard Dean are racist, so as to suppress black voter turnout (never mind that so many Democratic leaders like Gore and Dean ARE racist that there's good reason to be discouraged):

No doubt some ABBer will accuse me of helping this Republican conspiracy to destroy the Democratic Party (now, why would the ruling class's right hand destroy its left hand?), so let me just say this: if this posting convinces even one person that voting is pointless because the biggest power players in the Democratic Party are virulently racist, then I encourage that person to read it again. Yes, the Democratic Party leadership is virulently racist, and that is precisely why they have done so little to eliminate the disenfranchisement of blacks, OR to increase black voter turnout this year. If that's not a reason to defy both racist major parties and get out there and vote against them, I don't know what is.

And if someone wants to point out that Al Gore Sr. was a great and honorable liberal and civil rights leader, then let me just say that Jr. obviously learned his liberalism from Sr., who led a charge to gut or, failing that, vote down the 1964 Civil Rights Act because he thought the angry black civil rights movement was demanding change too fast for their own good. Senator Al Gore Sr., after decades in Congress, washed his hands of those ingrateful black voters who failed to re-elect him in 1970 by walking away from the civil rights movement to take a half-million-dollar-a-year job from his old patron Armand Hammer as chairman of Occidental Petroleum's coal subsidiary:
gore knows what you get by being nice ... 27.Oct.2004 05:41


gore is a

L O O O O O O O O Z E R ! ! !

loser loser loser

he's the 21st century's poster child for "CHOOSING TO LOSE"!

(a plan he actually let slip out in advance on MTV once I think)

blacks or anybody else oughta know where they'll get by following Al's lead ...