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Not Gay Like Happy

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Topic of New "Not Gay Like Happy" 24.Oct.2004 23:20

Topher queerrevolution@risup.net , notgaylikehappy@resist.ca

Due to technical problems at the studio, I couldn't add a description of the show. It was a short show once again dedicated to the importance of gay and lesbian marriage and how it relates to assimilation. I presented the idea that, since marriage isn't about to be abolished, we should strike down Measure 36 and then talk about the pros and cons of getting hitched.
Speaking of marriage, Queer Revolution will be hosting an open discussion on gay and lesbian marriage on Nov. 7th, after the decision on 36 is made. We may be talking about what we do now that the state's revoking gay and marriage licenses or what we're going to do to stop gay and lesbian marriage from becoming a stepping stone to assimilation into straight culture. Come join us and put your two cents in.

Open Discussion-Marriage in the G&L community
Three Friends Coffee House
201 SE 12th St
7 pm